Is B Y Vijayendra BJP’s best Bet In Karnataka?

In the year 2018 Vijayendra was refused a ticket by the party high command from the Varuna constituency in Mysuru. Back then most in the political arena only knew B Y Vijayendra as son of B S Yediyurappa.

Things begun to change when collation govt between Congress & JDS in Karnataka collapsed making way for BJP to form govt in the state.

Defection of MLAs from the former coalition parties resulted in by-elections & B Y Vijayendra was made in-charge of the crucial KR Pete bypoll. A JDS strong hold constituency. The victory of BJP’s Narayana Gowda’s was a shocker to the Devegowda family & BJP had already made in roads to JDS forts. B Y Vijayendra had done something extraordinary. It truly was an unimaginable victory.

Later analysis by political pundits shows B Y Vijayendra had one to one connect with grass root workers & voters. This fantastic victory bought B Y Vijayendra to lime light. He was looked upon as someone who understands election better.

Further, BY Vijayendra’s capabilities as a campaign strategist earned him an uphill task of winning Sira byelection. Remember, BJP had never been a serious contender in Sira which has always voted either the JD(S) or Congress to power. From just 9.41% vote share in 2018 to winning the constituency BJP had come a long way in Sira & all this under the leadership of B Y Vijayendra. With Sira victory, Vijayendra has earned a reputation of being a giant slayer.

Expanding BJP’s presence in the Old Mysuru region has a significant long-term impact. BY Vijayendra’s contribution to win these seats will benefit the part in a long run since this region is the largest in the state with 55 seats & BJP always found it difficult to make inroads to these constituencies.

Unimaginable victories, making inroads to constituencies where BJP didn’t have presence, taking on the mighty & connect with BJP grass root workers is a indication that B Y Vijayendra is here for a long run. He has already established himself as a smart campaign strategist with his leadership qualities. Looking at his recent journey we wonder “Is B Y Vijayendra BJP’s best Bet In Karnataka ?”