Is Christian Evangelicalism at work in JNU? conspiracy around Mahishasura day

There are lot of talks going on about mahishasura a deamon king who lived around 245 BC timeline.Mahishasura was a combination of both an Asura and a Mahisha (buffalo). He intended to annihilate all the Devas since they were the arch-enemies of Asuras. The legend of Mahishasura is important in Hindu mythology since the goddess Durga was born in order to slay him. Therefore, his story is an important part of shaktiism which venerates the goddess Durga.

The popular legend is that Mysuru(city in karnataka) gets its name from Mahishasura. The original name of Mysuru was ‘Mahishasurana oor’ which literally means Mahishasura’s land.In Sanskrit Mahisha means a buffalo.

The argument is that some section of left is bringing in the perspective that he was not a daemon but a people’s king and we look at facts and analyse it in all angles , lets go one by one and we will have closing notes

1)Hindu mythology

As per the hindu mythology, Rambha, the king of Asuras was enticed with the beauty of a she-buffalo. Eventually he married her. Out of this strange union was born a child which was half buffalo and half human. This child was named Mahishasura (Mahisha literally means buffalo). Mahishasura, being an Asura wanted to wage war against their arch-enemies, the Devas; to make himself invincible, he performed a tapas to Brahma and requested that he be granted immortality. Brahma refused him the boon of immortality and instead gave him a boon such that his death will happen only at the hands of a woman. Mahishasura considered himself immortal since he felt that it was impossible for a woman to slay a person of his strength.[1] Thus with this belief, Mahishasura started a war with the Devas and a battle took place. The Devas led by the Indra were defeated. The Devas requested the trinity of Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu requesting help, subsequently they combined their thejas and created a woman. The Goddess thus created was Durga and she eventually led a battle against Mahishasura and killed him, thus fulfilling the prophecy that he would meet his death at the hands of a woman.

As per folklore ,Mahishasura is considered as a daemon, and hence Durgga ma is worshipped.Even today many villages have a temple for Durge callled in different names like “maramma” annamma etc , as per PK rajashekhara prominent folklore intellectual.
He also goes on to say that the ulteriro motive of any purana, mythology ,folklore is to bring about good in the society
chamundi or durga is a village god, we also have hanuman temple in most of the villages ,may be the village god in village may have transformed as Durga or chamundi.Durga is also referred to by jains as vasanthika,also shiva’s wife by shivaites ,she is vegetarian for forward people and non vegetarian for lower class or the poor.,There are different interpretations, he says.

1) Ultra leftist christian evangelist.

As per the utlra leftist, christian envigelist ,JNU breed , the ruler of the ancient Banga kingdom and was assassinated by Durga, an Aryan agent.
It says the garland of skulls Durga wears symbolises the massacre of the indigenous people, who today make up the backward castes, by the invading Aryans. It calls on the backward castes not to worship Durga, whom it calls a symbol of their subjugation.

During the year’s Durga Puja, some pamphlets and posters appeared at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) campus. One of them read as below:

The Shudra (and perhaps the unadulterated) reading of Mahishasur–Durga story goes like this. Mahish means buffalo. Mahishasur means the

Buffalo Demon. Demon (asur) is different from god (sur). Sur means god. God means Brahmin or Swarna (upper caste). Surs do not work. Asur means those who work – in today’s parlance, workers. Mahishasur means people who rear buffalo, the buffalo-rearers, those who trade in milk -the dairy people. Asur may have changed to Ahur and then to Ahir (the present-day milkman caste). Mahishasur or the buffalo-rearers must have been the people dominating the Banga region. Racially t
hey must have been Dravidians. They must have also been opponents of the Aryan culture. Aryans had to defeat them. These people used Durga.

In the Banga region, prostitutes mention Durga to be of their clan. Even today when one makes the Durga idol, some soil must be brought from the house of a prostitute. It took Durga nine nights to kill Mahishasur. The Brahmins who sent her waited nine nights with bated breath. This was a difficult task. If not force, deception – Force of deception. On the ninth night Durga tasted success, she killed Mahishasur. As they heard the news, the Aryans (Brahmins) were all agog. They swooped at Mahishasur’s people and cutting their heads (munda) off made a new kind of garland.

They put this garland around Durga’s neck. Even Indra couldn’t do what Durga had done. But Durga was distraught by the genocide and committed suicide by jumping in the river. This, the tradition of immersing her idol in the river was born. The festival is the celebration of genocide of the natives. It’s a celebration of murder unlike in any other religion. It promotes hatred and justifies caste violence against bahujans which is the continuation of the old racial war. It must be banned.

Picture on Left is by Ultra-leftists, on to the right is actual idol in Mysuru


The above passage was penned by Prem Kumar Mani, a party hopping politician, who as of this writing is with Lallu Prasad Yadav’s RJD (he was with JDU before) though he started his political career with Communist Party. He had also dabbled in ‘progressive literature’ with establishment blessings. The passage was originally written for a caste magazine ‘Yadav Shakthi’.

It was translated and published last year by an anti-Hindu propaganda bi-lingual magazine ‘Forward Press’ in November 2011. Following this a ‘Mahishasur Martyrdom Day’ has been organized by ‘All India Backward Students Forum’ (AIBSF) at JNU campus this year on 17th October in which among the main speakers are Prof. Kancha Ilaiah, a former professor at Osmania University and Prem Kumar Mani.


Lets see who is this Prof. Kancha Ilaiah, he is assosiated with Dalit Freedom Network which is an evangelical Christian organization ,The DFN hosted a conference entitled “Racism and Caste Based Discrimination in India: Implications for the US-India Relationship”, where talks were given by activists Udit Raj and Kancha Ilaiah who have been accused of making statements that are biased against Hinduism.

The DFN and other similar NGOs have also been criticized by authors Crystal Hsu and PN Benjamin for working as “safe houses” for lobbyists engaged in destroying the cultural heritage of India. Hsu and Benjamin assert the DFN and other similar NGOs are using endemic problems with caste discrimination as a pretext to gain a foothold in Indian society that have increased social tensions without any meaningful benefit to the Dalit community. They have also criticized DFN for equating caste discrimination with racism

This theory is gaining momentum in JNU campuses as propaganda by these NGO’s which eventually bring in anti-hindu sentiments and thereby harvesting souls(conversion) to Christianity and breaking india.

Closing notes:

Leftists must give up looking back at the hindu mythology history with leftist lense, Not all what happened at that time cannot be put to critical analysis as on today,things have changed, society have changed.the fact that you people spew venom on Hinduism and say Buddhism is for peace we wan to ask few questions, these co called Buddhists in Sri lanka massacred lacs of native tamilians . what do you have to say for this if Buddhism doesn’t advocate violence than what happened in srilanka? how will you justify also see voilent baudha bhikshuks in burma.
Also we want to ask why the constitution formed by ambedkar was amended several times , because changing times requires that the rules be changed, as the terrorism increased we made tough terror laws, as people ‘re still backward we keep reservation which was only for 10 years
Dont show blind eye to all these call yourself a liberal or rationalist
Now don’t work towards breaking india by acting as Christian evangelist and work towards growth and prosperity of India

Jai Hind

Author:Ramaprasasd Krishnamuty
Engineer by profession.

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