Is Dalit pride about marrying girls from other castes in India?

I had the opportunity to meet a friend recently and he was not a big fan of Modi, he was once a big supporter though. I asked him a simple question, ‘What made you change you stance?’, he quickly rebutted with the rekindling of the SC/ST atrocity act with 6 months of non bailable warrant. He even went ahead to quote an example where one of his friends, who is a Software Engineer, was jailed for 6 months because a member from the SC/ST community, after commuting a crime against this friend, filed a fake case and managed to evade the law.

What is show below is a video of a youngster who is apparently heading Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti in Tamil Nadu. I am not sure the exact location or date where this video was taken, but the youngster is speaking in Tamil and this video is viral in several local social media groups.

This youngster while addressing what looks like a group of Dalits, makes them repeat a few sentences. For those who can’t understand Tamil, here is the translation.

“We will love a Brahmin Girl,
We will love a Brahmin Girl !!

We will love a Vinniyar Girl,
We will love a Vinniyar Girl !!

We will marry a Gounder Girl,
We will marry a Gounder Girl,

We will hug Mudaliyar’s girl…
We will hug Mudaliyar’s girl !!!

We will perform intercaste marriages…
We will perform intercaste marriages !!!”

PS: Vanniyar, Gounder & Mudaliyar are castes in Tamil Nadu

The words uttered by this youngster, with Dr B R Ambedkar’s photo right beside him, suggests that Ambedkar stood by these shameful slogans. I am pretty sure that Social Media is filled with experts on the life and history of Dr B R Ambedkar, but can anyone suggest when did Ambedkar suggest that Dalits should forcibly kidnap and marry girls from other castes?

Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are states which have high percentages of Dalit population and there are several political leaders who misuse them in the name of vote bank politics. But has any one of the Dalit leaders reprimanded such misguided youngsters for such shameful slogans? Infact many Dalit political leaders secretly encourage these acts.

I also had the opportunity to watch certain critically acclaimed movies, ‘Pariyerum Perumal’ in Tamil & ‘Sairat’ in Marathi. Both the directors showcase the attrocities faced by the Dailt communities and this is certainly a common occurance in these states. In the name of honor killing, people do commit such heinous crimes, sometimes to their own kith and kin.

While Sairat movie is more focussed on the atrocities against SC/ST, the movie Pariyerum Perumal encourages Dalit youngsters to do the right thing, it shows positivity. These directors want people of SC/ST communities to come up in life by progressing forward in Education. They never focussed on these youngsters marrying girls from other castes to come up in life.

While it is the duty of the Government of the day to ensure that people from SC/ST are not being misused, what is the point if you give them a weapon to twist laws into their own favor? Won’t this turn people against each other and give them an opportunity to take revenge just because they can? What my friend quoted above is one example and there can be thousands of such occurrences.

In my personal view, one cannot prevent the misue of people from specific communities as it is a frequent occurrence all across the world. To be honest, reverse racism is a frequently occurring phenomenon where a member from the so called oppressed community exploits the other just because he/she can. So empowering the so called oppressed community with such illogical laws in probably not the answer.

A fair/strong Law Enforcement agency with transparent Judiciary is the last resort for people from being exploited. One can only hope when these processes will be implemented in India.

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