Is Godse a terrorist or not?

It has been a long time debate whether Godse is a terrorist or not? What he did was wrong or not? Both sides have their own argument leading to only one conclusion that he is the face of the so called ‘Hindu Terror.’

Now that Modi has given the statement that no Hindu has been ever involved in any kind of terrorism, the debate on Godse finds its way to News Channel Studio yet again. As expected AIMIM chief Owaisi has pressed the buzzer first asking the question again – Is Godse a terrorist or not? Perhaps, what really meant was that Godse was actually a terrorist and Modi is wrong with his claims that Hindu Terror is not more than a propaganda.

Since we don’t actually have a proper definition to define the act of terrorism let me compare Godse with a real terrorist – Kasab. When Kasab came to India, he was supposed to kill anyone he finds around. There was perhaps no fixed target rather than his victims were just had to be Indians. The attack’s motive was more to terrorize Indians rather than killing someone you ever had grudge with. Kasab never had any idea about the people, he and his companion killed that day. His only intention was to make it as impactful as possible. Same goes for the plane high-jackers of 26/11. They killed those three thousand people to terrorize even more people of America. Whereas Godse has his own reasons and sole intention to kill Gandhi. He had his personal grudge with Gandhi. He didn’t attack anyone else other than Gandhi, he had a clear motive and a target victim. He didn’t run way after the attack, he surrendered and later punished after being convicted as a murderer. What he did was wrong or right is a different argument all together but yes! he did a heinous crime for which his execution is justified.

So, I can say a terrorist is a mass murderer who does impactful killings of people to terrorize a specific group of people while a murderer does killings based on personal intent or sole motive to kill a particular person. So in my words, Godse was murderer of Gandhi and not a terrorist just like any of those assassins who killed Kennedy or Indira Gandhi.

Now, can he be the face of Hindu Terror? Well, that’s definitely no. Firstly, Hinduism have nowhere ever asked it’s followers to discriminate humans in believers or non-believers nor it has any concept of holy war which promises benefits in afterlife existence. Also, Godse has never claimed in his trails that he was anyway associated or influenced by any religious group. He had only said that he wanted to punish Gandhi for his role in partition, that’s it. Godse committed a heinous crime but it has nothing to do with his religion. He didn’t say ‘Jai Shree Ram’ or ‘Jai Mata Di’ before shooting Gandhi unlike the other Islamic attacks where in mandatory ‘Allah Hu akbar’ chants can be heard.

Finally, someone will now bring the Christchurch Mosque attack claiming that the victims were Muslims. Yes! It’s not necessary that all terrorist attack had to have some Muslim influence only. Like I have said these mass killings are only aimed to terrorize a specific group of here; it were the Muslims, in 9/11; it were the Americans, in Pulwana and Uri; it were Indian Army and in 26/11; it were the Indians while in Godse’s case, he simply wanted to kill Gandhi.

I would conclude that there is nothing called ‘Hindu Terror’ and it is just a propaganda, nothing else. Godse was a murderer and not a terrorist.

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