Is it time to boycott the De-Nationalising Carnatic artistes?

Bharat Ratna Dr Ambedkar explicitly rejected Christianity in the most caustic manner possible. He said, “If the depressed classes join Islam or Christianity, they not only go out of the Hindu religion, but they also go out of the Hindu Culture… Conversion to Islam or Christianity will denationalise the depressed classes… If they go over to Islam, the number of Muslims would be doubled; and danger of Muslim domination also becomes real… If they go over to Christianity, the strength of Christians becomes five to six crores. It will help to strengthen the hold of Britain on this country.” (1)

In other words, the denationalising religion of Christianity by increasing “the hold of Britain on” India works against the sovereignty of India. This is the definition of anti-national, both legally (“unity of the nation” as it stood in the constitution then; “unity and integrity of the nation” post the 1976 constitutional amendment) and in the common understanding of the concept. (2) There can be no stronger indictment of non-Indic religions and culture than this.

In fact, Bhimji reiterates the same when talking about his choice of Buddhism at the very end of his life, “Buddhism is part and parcel of Bhartiya Culture. I have taken care that conversion will not harm the traditions, the culture and history of this land. I confess I have many quarrels with caste Hindus over some points but, I take my vow that I shall lay down my life in defence of our land.” (3)

He clearly states even before his death that he will take care not to harm “the traditions, the culture and history” of Bharat and he will lay down his life “in defence of our” Bharat. On the corollary, it means only that Christianity and Islam will harm “the traditions, the culture and history” of this land and is not a “part and parcel of Bharatiya Culture.” Even the choice of the word “Bharatiya Culture” oozes a prideful nationalism of Bhimji.

A scholar of Ambedkar and a budding leader Ma Venkatesan (MaVe as he is endearingly called) claims that his research showed that in spite of choosing Buddhism Bhimji died with singing Kabir’s poetry and holding the book of Kabir’s work in a tight embrace.

While this is the case, a bunch of Carnatic vocalists have openly colluded with the Christian Church to sell the national “Bharatiya” cultural heritage to the denationalising British (Christian White European) religion. They are not the owners of the “Bharatiya Culture” to pawn it off or sell it at their whims and fancies, perhaps for some dosh thrown at them(?). As Carnatic artistes, they are given an opportunity to use and peddle the wares for the benefit of the society and the “Bharatiya Culture” that created it, but not to enable “digestion” by denationalising groups. By setting songs on Jesus to the tune of Carnatic music ragas they have committed a sacrilege of Hinduism, helped the digestion of “Bharatiya Culture” and insulted Bhimji by joining hands with the denationalising forces. (4–6)

Carnatic music is considered of divine origin in Hinduism and is to be sung as an enjoyable ritual towards a Dharmic goal, be it artha, kama or moksha. It cannot be associated with the Christian White European races or their theology that has genocidally exterminated more than half of world’s native populations across the globe (more than 350 crores in today’s population count), from the Americas to Australia; plundered and enslaved on every inch of the soil of this planet. (7)


Digestion of anything and everything and claiming it their own in the most daring way is the modus operandi of the Christian White Europeans. To shamelessly enable this has been the fashionable job of the self-loathing sepoys and the ancestor-hating apes of the West. It is a veritable army of self-loathers, who need clinical psychological attention for improving their self-esteem (to cure their self-loathing).

Rajiv Malhotra quips “I use the metaphors of “tiger” and “deer” to illustrate the process of what I call the ‘digestion’ of one culture by another, carried out under the guise of a desire to assimilate, reduce differences and assert sameness. The key point being made is that the digested culture disappears. This digestion is analogous to the food consumed by a host, in that what is useful gets reformulated into the host’s body, while that which doesn’t quite fit the host’s structure is eliminated as waste.

Just as the tiger, a predator, would, the West, a dominant and aggressive culture dismembers the weaker one – the deer – into parts from which it picks and chooses pieces that it wants to appropriate; the appropriated elements get mapped onto the language and social structures of the dominant civilization’s own history and paradigms, leaving little if any trace of the links to the source tradition. The civilization that was thus “mined” and consumed gets depleted of its cultural and social capital, because the appropriated elements are then shown to be disconnected from and even in conflict with the source civilization. Finally, the vanquished prey – the deer – enters the proverbial museum as yet another dead creature (i.e. a dead culture), ceasing to pose a threat to the dominant one.” (8)

The self-loathing and ancestor-hating carnatic artists who enable the appropriation and digestion of the “Bharatiya Culture” by the denationalising forces criticised by Bharat Ratna are thus arguably guilty of abetting the crime of theft, the piracy of Bharatiya Cultural intellectual property (IP).

Thus, apart from boycotting such artistes strict legal action should be taken against them for IP theft crimes and hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus by misusing the sacred music and art of the native culture and religion in a sacrilegious manner.


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