Is Nitish demanding special category status to Bihar from Donald Trump: Tejaswi

After TDP pulled out of the central NDA government over the demand for special category status for Andhra Pradesh, Bihar’s main Opposition party RJD

reminded the ruling JD(U) of its past demand for the same and asked it to revive it in the interests of Bihar.

Tejashwi Yadav, leader of Opposition in the Assembly, said Chief Minister Nitish Kumar had forgotten his longstanding demand for special status for personal gains after he allied with BJP. Asking him to put up the demand afresh, Tejashwi said Kumar should follow his Andhra Pradesh counterpart and TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu and follow suit if the Narendra Modi-led government remains indifferent to Bihar’s demand.

“Are Nitish Kumar and Sushil Modi asking Special Status for Bihar from Donald Trump? Do you think the public is a fool? Are you afraid of asking Modi ji ? Nitish ‘chacha’, you should grow a spine like Chandrababu Naidu! We are asking for Bihar’s right and not charity,” he said in a tweet.

The RJD leader said there was the same government in Bihar as well as in the Centre and therefore Nitish, Sushil Modi and Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan should stop indulging in theatrics by demanding special category status to Bihar from the Central government. He said that these leaders from the NDA had claimed that the double-engine government formed would mean faster development of the state but that has not happened.

Tejashwi said Nitish Kumar should take some lesson from TDP chief and Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, who had demanded special category status for his state from Modi and walked out of the NDA when denied this.

“Nitish Kumar should follow Naidu,” said RJD leader while releasing the report card, titled “The Lovers of Chair, the Killers of Bihar”.wi said Niti

Between 2006 and 2013, Kumar had turned his demand for special state status for Bihar into an emotive issue and built it into a socio-political movement across the state. With his ally BJP’s moral support on the issue, he had played the victim card and argued that resources-starved Bihar would take 25 more years to catch up with India’s developed states without this official economic distinction. JD(U) had led a long, clamorous campaign for special state status.

“There has been a concerted effort by state government to turn the tide of underdevelopment and initiate the state towards a promising future of growth, prosperity and harmony in the last 12-13 years. In spite of unhelpful conditions and an inherent bias, Bihar has witnessed a double-digit growth in these years,” he wrote in the blog post.

Citing that the lack of industries in the state post bifurcation as being detrimental to both public and private investments, thus halting the state’s development, he said its direct result was the low per capita income in Bihar, which presently was 68percent lower than the national per capita income

Reacting to Tejaswis attack, JDU hit back and raised the issue of corruption. Party spokesperson, Sanjay Singh, said that Nitish had asked Tejaswi directly to disclose details of his unnamed properties, but he did not.

Tejaswi calls himself Nitish Kumars bhatija (nephew) but he does not have the traits of being honest like his Chacha (Uncle). Tejawi was asked directly to the reveal details of his benami properties but he did not. The people of the state had given mandate to RJD not to carry out loot and plunder, tweeted Sanjay Singh, JDU