Is ‘The Logical Indian’ really Logical?

Often we come across many pages on Facebook, related to business, celebrities, social awareness, politics, sports etc. Several pages on facebook, post content to gather likes and shares, so as to increase their reach to a larger audience. Once they have successfully reached a larger audience, they start spreading their agenda through these pages or develop a business model based on this facebook page’s reach.

For those who are not aware, a facebook page can be renamed to any other name, any number of times. The Administrator of the facebook page has the rights to change the name of the page.

Initially, with the intention to reach more audience, the facebook page admins name their page/pages with something catchy and attractive. Once they have reached a specified amount of likes or following with their respective audience, they change it back to the name that they desire. Here is a typical example:-

A facebook page with the name Ravish Kumar – NDTV, on checking the section ‘Info and Ads’, there are several name changes that has been performed over the past few years.

The screenshot shows the journey of this page from “Arvind Ji We Support You” to “Ravish Kumar – NDTV”. Similarly a page called NDTV Ravish Kumar has finally assumed a name of Ravish Kumar from the earlier name “American Muslims, Protection of All Muslim Personal Law.”

Not many people might understand, as to why some of these pages which initially started with the key word of “Muslim” or “Arvind Kejriwal” finally turns into a “Ravish Kumar”? There could be several possible reasons as to why these pages were renamed, we can probably just guess a few of them:-

  1. The facebook page was probably sold to someone, who in turn would have renamed the page.
  2. Changing the facebook page’s name is a new strategy to reach more audience.
  3. Change of the sponsor of the facebook page.
  4. The page sponsors probably found a new agenda.
  5. Page merged with some another page that was having similar agenda.
  6. Or this could just be a complete Media/Business agenda funded by any Personality or Political party.

There might be a bigger reason as to why such page name changes happens as it is hard to predict the real reason behind this change, for now we can only assume it is left to the imagination of the individual.

Surprisingly we found this name change with a big brand in facebook, a verified Facebook page with the name “The Logical Indian“, which identifies itself as News/Media House. This page keeps associating itself with the logical side of Indians and the Indian facebook audience, not once but on several occasions. Many posts and videos of “The Logical Indian” have gone viral, with an intent of exposing a logical perspective to their audience.

But is this page really Logical? A simple check on their ‘Info and Ads’ section would probably expose the truth.

The screenshot from the page’s Info and ads section shows that the page was created on 13th December 2013, and the initial page name was “Arvind Kejriwal – The Next Prime Minister of India”. But just after a few days, on 24th December 2013, the page has been renamed to “The Logical Indian” and suddenly catering to the sensible and logical side of it’s facebook audience.

Again, neither the author of the article, nor the website wants to judge or predict the reasons for name change, It is left the audience on facebook to decide the truth !!!

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SatyaVijayi