Is there a conspiracy to defame India and Modi Government internationally on Sterlite Tuticorin Protests?

The open firing on protesters against Sterlite copper plant at Tuticorin was one of the most unfortunate incidents of the year. The events that unfolded on that day, was a perfect example of how a group of people with vested interests can mislead a huge crowd into causing chaos. Months before the firings, media and police sources have been sensing an involvement of certain foreign backed powers behind these protests.

While India got absolutely nothing to gain form these protests, they were subjected to the loss of 13 lives of their citizens and hindrance in growth as a self-sufficient country in terms of copper. Unfortunately Anti-India powers abroad seems to be greatly benefited by what happened in India.

The incidents of 22nd May 2018 is apparently being presented by some powers abroad, with an opportunity to spread Anti-India propaganda internationally, especially with the Non Resident Indians (NRI). Today, we will be highlighting one such conspiracy to defame India internationally and delude the NRIs into believing something sinister is happening on ground in Tamil Nadu.

First, let us have a look at this tweet from this Australian Parliamentarian, Dr Mehreen Faruqi. Dr Mehreen Faruqi is a Greens New South Wales Member of Parliament in the NSW Legislative Council and is the first Muslim woman elected to any Parliament in Australia. She had migrated from Pakistan to Australia in 1992.

She says in her tweet, “Last week Indian Police murdered 13 at a peaceful protest against polluting Vedanta copper smelter. Today I stood with the Tamil community in Sydney calling for it’s permanent closer and full investigation.”

The hypocrisy of this Australian Parliamentarian can be understood, especially from the usage of two particular words her tweet; “Indian Police” and “Tamil community.” The two terms were used with a clever intention of leaving a false impression that ‘Indian Police’ fired at ‘Tamil People’.

First and foremost, what was the need to use these term in the context, Indian Police murdered Tamil people? Every Police Department of India, including the Tamil Nadu Police fall under the Indian Police Service. By clearly isolating the Indian Police from Tamil community, this Australian Parliamentarian is suggesting that the Tamil people of India are being adjudicated to an alien administration.

Quite clearly there is an attempt of giving a ‘Tamil vs Non-Tamil’ angle to this particular incident. The fact of the matter here is that both the Police and protesters are from the Tamil community, the Tamil Nadu police did resort to firing only after obtaining prior approval from the Deputy tahsildar. Clearly this means that the State Administration were aware of the dangers involved in Tuticorin protests and based on the impact, a firing order was provided.

Mehreen Faruqi made this tweet after she returned from a protest event at Sydney. We have a 2 minutes and 57 seconds long video of her speech from that event. And we can safely say that in this video, the amount of Anti-India instigation towards the NRIs living in Sydney is just too high, especially the intent of defaming India and its administration in Australia.

Secondly, At the 34th second of the video, Mehreen Faruqi says “what these people were doing was nothing but peacefully protesting.” If indeed the protests were peaceful, why would the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, several Media houses and celebrities like Actor Rajinikanth accuse anti social elements of disrupting the peaceful protests?

There are several videos where anti social elements were seen burning buses, vandalising properties in residential quarters and hurling abuses at police officials, but why is this Australian Parliamentarian not referring to those videos? Few such viral videos from Tuticorin protests can be viewed below:-

Several strong words were used by Mehreen Faruqi in her speech, she infact termed the incident as ‘atrocities of Indian Police.’ Unfortunately, I was unable to find any such similar speeches against the real atrocities on Baloch people by the country where she originally hails from, Pakistan. Meer Baloch, President of Baloch National Movement Australia, had confirmed that Mehreen had never lent her voice of support for the Baloch movement in Australia.

The Pakistani Army, on several instances in the past, had unleashed heavy artillery on innocent civilians of their own country in Balochistan, but Mehreen Faruqi surprisingly remains silent.

Thirdly, when Mehreen Faruqi was making this speech, people were seen around her with placards saying, “BJP is funded by Vedanta’s Sterlite to kill Tamils.” The biased nature of this event could easily be established by the above mentioned statement on placards.

Tamil Nadu has always been a state of Industrial development. Although it is true that certain environmental norms could have been tightened to run the Sterlite plant, it was the then UPA Government led by Congress which had given the initial approvals for the functioning of the plant. The immediate closure of this plant has now resulted in loss of 48 per cent of India’s total copper output, also an estimated 30,000 direct and indirect jobs are now on the line.

Since hijacking the protests, the foreign proxies were building up to a chaos. From assaulting police officers to making provocative statements, these powers wanted to cause a major conflict, in which they succeeded on 22nd of May 2018. And now these powers are trying to ripe fruits of what happened by going around defaming India. Today the role of foreign powers in Tuticorin protests stand completely exposed.

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