Is Western Science a fraud?

Yes, says over 99.99…9 per cent of the data. Let us see what the data is and the reasoning below.


“There is no two” is the literal translation of the Sanskrit word Advaita. Though it is true at the mundane and material level too, it is often restricted to the level of atman and Bhagawan in many modern westernised “philosophical” discourses.

An atom, Hydrogen atom, for example, is made up of protons and electrons that make up a worse-than-insignificant 0.00000001 per cent of the atom. The rest being space. That is 99.99999… per cent of an atom is just space, what the unscientific scientists call the “inert vacuum” of “space”. Even a high school student will tell you, all known “matter” is made of atoms. Matter as well is not 100 per cent “solid” in substance or nature.

All matter exists with a dual nature, that is they are in a state of wave-particle duality, as per accepted Quantum physical standards, the reality as known to the materialistic scientists themselves. So is, the duality-counterpart of matter, that is energy. So at all times, the matter is not a pure “solid” substance but an entity that has the nature of wave (as energy does) as well, simultaneously. The corollary applies to energy as well, which too exhibits such duality. For example, photos of electromagnetic radiation, purported gravitons of gravity.

Einstein’s [the plagiarist (1) and the patent-clerk who magically turned into a scientist] famous equation E=mc^2 is a gross practical approximation as energy and matter (expressed in units of mass, m) are one and the same (that is, E and m are a continuum). To be fair, it is not even accurate to say it is an approximation. It is more of a convenient notation. At best they occupy different parts of a continuum (that cannot be separated into parts in the physical reality) of wave-particle duality.

The above information is easy to find by doing a simple search in Google and reading even the often inaccurate Wikipedia articles on wave-particle duality. (2) Yet the Hindus-in-name-only (HINOs) and their secret bedmates, the Left cabal, mock Hindu spiritual leaders who boldly make the truly accurate scientific statement that E does not equal mc^2 in the strictest sense. (3)

Now, going back to space and the atom. The above-mentioned sub-atomic statistics shows that everything is effectively space. At best atoms and the sub-atomic particles and the myriad of supposed sub-sub-…-atomic particles are just pins on a huge canvas of space. In other words, everything is space, in space. Perhaps matter came out of space, which means that space cannot be that inert after all. That is everything is one (just space), not two, which is exactly what Advaita posits and more. (4) The “more” in Advaita is consciousness, which no Western-moulded scientist is yet to figure out.

Even the tiny 0.0000…1 per cent of the apparent matter arises in and is suspended in space. Scientists do not know exactly where “matter” itself originates. No, the big bang and the family of related hypotheses only speculate how the universe formed and/or expanded to the present state; they do not tell where and how “matter” and so on came from. So is the scientists’ ignorance of the origin of mass itself, gravity, the peculiar nature of gravity, etc.

Will the reader consult a doctor who knows only one per cent or less of medicine? Not the sane ones, no. Yet, the whole world is prostrating in front of the so-called “science” which only claims to investigate the 0.00000…1 per cent of “matter” and understands only a minuscule fraction of it, acknowledgedly. The so-called rationalists, HINOs, the Left cabal sepoy-apes and company are to blame for this Ponzi scheme and the gargantuan fraud being played by the so-called scientists on the entire humanity. Sadly this has now been going on for centuries now. (5)

On the contrary, Hindu scriptures both purely spiritual (paravidya) and non-spiritual (aparavidya), dedicate so much of output space (chapters of texts) and investigative energy into space – Akāsha, vyoma. (6) However, somehow it is still claimed that Hinduism is superstitious and Advaita is just a theological philosophy! The Hindu leaders and Gurus who talk about it are mocked.

Is not claiming the master-ship of knowledge and wisdom with just some idea of a fraction of a fraction, the 0.0000…1 per cent, of the “known” universe a crime on humanity? Is it not an intellectual counterpart of the multi-continental physical genocide (of Africans, Native Americans, Native Australians, many races of Asians) committed by the West? Can this fraud, arguably, be allowed to play out any further?


A shoe or any other footwear is extremely useful indeed. That does not mean we put it under our pillow, on the bed, and sleep. Then why put the non-space-aware pseudo-that-is-science on a pedestal on top of our heads and walk around like a buffoon? For the earth-destroying non-sustainable anti-environmental technology that it gave Western science can at best be treated with as much respect as the footwear gets, not more.

Based on the (as seen above) blindingly obvious statistics about atoms, is Advaita that says everything is one (not two), that is just space, the true science; or the so-called science, a Western propaganda-based concoction the true science?

Let us be honest to our own conscience.

To summarise, the truly scientific state of the universe is the oneness of Advaita, the oneness of cosmos; space is what it is all made of and definitely not matter by any stretch of scientific logic. In effect, all western-lens wearing scientists are knowingly playing fraud or are just plain incompetent. Beware.


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