Ishrat Jahan case-naked support to terrorists

After a Headlines Today broadcast in June 2013, a lot of truth about the Ishrat Jahan encounter has been brought out. But here some concrete things have been missed. Let us see this case now in totality.
     On 15 June 2004, 4 suspected terrorists were gunned down on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. They included 19 year old Ishrat Jahan and 3 other men, 2 of whom were Pakistani nationals. After that, (as expected) the Leftist liberals in the media started claiming that the encounter was fake and 19-year old Ishrat Jahan was ‘innocent’ without any evidence to it. Their hatred for Narendra Modi is so much that they simply cannot digest the fact that a 19 year old girl attacked and tried to kill Narendra Modi, and would rather claim that the opposite is true. This howling lasted for a few days. 1 day the Marathi edition of The Indian Express, Loksatta reported on 14 July 2004 headlined: “Yes, Ishrat indeed was a terrorist”. The next day Lashkar-e-Toiba admitted on 15 July that Ishrat was indeed its member.
    Immediately after this, the media and the Congress dropped the issue like a hot cake. They did not bother to apologize to Narendra Modi for falsely alleging that the encounter was fake and ‘innocent’ Ishrat  Jahan was killed. The Samajwadi Party also organised a ‘bandh’ in Mumbai’s Mumbra area in support of Ishrat Jahan before this confession by LeT. S S Vaghela and Congress directly accused Modi of stage managing the encounter. After this confession, the matter died its death. At that time it was urged many times to the Sangh Parivar to attack them- Left-liberal-secular brigade for naked direct support to terrorists, and false allegations on innocent people like Narendra Modi. NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad gave financial compensation to Ishrat Jahan’s family also in Mumbai. It was said that cases of treason should be tried for this. This is also violation of 153-A needlessly infuriating a community, defamation of Modi, and naked support to those waging war on the nation. 
   In June 2004 itself, not only the Gujarat Police, but even the Mumbai Police (which works under Congress in Maharashtra) also said that there were sufficient leads to know Ishrat Jahan’s LeT links. Note the line in The Indian Express’ report of 15 July 2004:However, Gujarat and Mumbai police had said there were sufficient leads to suspect her involvement in militant activities”.

   But after the hullabaloo raised by anti-Narendra Modi people, the Mumbai Police also kept quite on this issue, while in 2004 it had said the opposite. This is a clear indication that under political pressure from Congress and NCP, the anti-terrorist operations of Mumbai Police were curbed and Mumbai Police was forced to give up its drive against the suspected terrorist Ishrat Jahan. Naked support to terrorists and interference in work of police by Congress and NCP for attacking Narendra Modi.

This is one article worth reading on the claims of the Gujarat Police. Mumbai Police also must have had similar evidence, or more clinching one. 

Right from 2004 itself, for the Leftist liberals in general and TV channels like NDTV in particular, the statements of relatives and teachers of terrorists have more credibility than the nation’s police and intelligence officials. This continues till date, where the TV channels do not pinpoint and see clarification about the contradictory statements given by the mother of Ishrat Jahan from her, instead take it at face value.

Let us see what her mother said on 18 June 2004:

“Answering questions by mediapersons, Ms. Shamima denied reports in a section of the Mumbai press that Ishrat had twice left her house without the knowledge of the family members. She also contradicted her earlier statement that the family members were unaware about her whereabouts when she left home on June 12 morning. She claimed that Ishrat had left Thane to go to Mumbai to appear in an “interview.” Ms. Shamima disagreed that she suspected her daughter’s involvement with Javed, driver of the car carrying the four from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Neither Javed nor the two other alleged terrorists who the police claimed hailed from Pakistan, had ever come to her place. She denied that Javed and Ishrat were ever trailed by the intelligence personnel in the past as reported in a section of the press.”

What her mother said later was different. In her petition to the Gujarat High Court, Ishrat’s mother Shamima Kausar had disputed the version of the Gujarat police as well as the Centre, claiming that her daughter was a saleswoman working for Javed Sheikh who dealt in perfumes. Javed’s father told the SC that his son was innocent and sought a central probe.

Both Gujarat police and Centre pointed to infirmities in their version. Centre told Gujarat HC that Javed had been recruited by LeT when he was in Dubai. Gopinath Pillai had not disclosed criminal cases pending against his son, or the fact that he had obtained a different passport using his original name even though the one issued to him was still valid.

The Centre also disputed the claim of Gopinath Pillai, supported by Ishrat’s mother, that he was in the business of perfumes and that this required him and Ishrat to travel across the country.

  But in 2013 Javed Sheikh’s father said he went to Gujarat to meet a policeman (no mention of the perfume business!) His father said Javed had paid her college fees 1 week before! (But Ishrat’s mother told the media on 18 June that Javed didn’t know Ishrat at all- but Javed’s father says he paid her fees! ).

   Mukul Sinha, lawyer of Gopinath i.e. father of Javed Sheikh, said the killings were part of a conspiracy and claimed Javed had no links with terror activities. How naïve he thinks we are!

  So- her mother first says that Ishrat did not know Javed. Then she says she knew Javed and worked under him for a perfume business. First she says she went away from home to give an ‘interview’. Then she said she went away from home for job requirements of a ‘perfume business’. Anyone with an iota of common sense will know that this shows that her mother fully knew that her daughter was a terrorist and was fully involved with her. How naïve can one be to not see through such cunning claims? The so-called ‘perfume business’ turned out to be non-existent later!
In June 2004 Police called the statements made by Ishrat’s mother, Shamima Raza, before the media after taking her daughter’s body to Mumbra in Thane, a “lie”. What she revealed before the Ahmedabad police during questioning corroborated some of the facts mentioned in the diary.
She had told police that Javed lived in Mumbra for about three years in the late 1990s during which time they had “family relations.”

   In October 2004, before the Maharashtra Assembly polls, Samajwadi Party Maharashtra chief Abu Asim Azmi again alleged that ‘innocent Ishrat Jahan was killed in cold blood by Modi’ and cited this as a case of ‘atrocities against Muslims’ despite the LeT confession and due to lack of aggressiveness and passiveness, no one did anything. Only once did a former Himachal Pradesh CM Prem Kumar Dhumal write an article in Organiser in October 2004 where he dealed with this and said: “None of them asked the question- if she was innocent, what was she doing with 3 other much older men in a car, 2 of whom were Pakistani nationals, at 4 am in the morning 500 km away from home?”
   Then out of the blue in 2009, Ahmedabad Magistrate Justice Tamang said in a report that the Ishrat Jahan encounter was fake, when it was not his jurisdiction to comment on it. He also said that all people were innocent and had no links to terrorists, ignoring the LeT confession completely. By that time, most people had forgotten this confession. But Justice Tamang had done it all on his own, unsolicited, and did not even hear the other side before reaching a conclusion. He had no authority, and did not even do the bare minimum of hearing the side of Police and Intelligence officials and of the Gujarat Government. His report was then duly stayed by the Gujarat HC. The HC said that the observations made in the report were beyond the jurisdiction of the judicial magistrate. Despite this, on NDTV and other forums, they repeatedly raise the issue of the Tamang report, ignoring 3 things completely:
1- Justice Tamang had no jurisdiction and authority to comment on it
2- He did not even give a chance to Police & Intelligence officials & the Government to stay why the encounter was genuine and why they were all terrorists.
3- His report was stayed by the Gujarat HC.Then the SIT was asked to probe this case, and it is reported to have said in 2011 that the encounter was fake, without knowing what it said about whether the people were terrorists or not. But The Times of India reported on 24 October 2011 that the SIT agreed that all 4, including Ishrat Jahan indeed had terror links. 

Then gradually this case was taken up again, with not only the encounter being termed fake, but the girl and 3 others also called ‘innocent’.

But the Ex-Home Secretary during the Congress-UPA rule is on record saying that that Ishrat Jahan is indeed a Terrorist, the day after the SIT was reported to have said that the encounter was fake.

But former IB chief A K Doval said that the UPA put tremendous pressure on SIT to call the encounter fake!
In 2009 the Centre’s (UPAs) affidavit to Gujarat HC was full of contradictions and confusing. But the UPA said in an affidavit that Ishrat was a terrorist indeed!
In 2010 David Headley also admitted that Ishrat was Lashkar’s terrorist.

(In between, in 2007, the Lashkar-e-Toiba ‘retracted’ its confession! On May 2, 2007, the Jama’t-ud-Da’wah carried an apology to Ishrat’s family on its website. The apology was by its spokesperson Abdulla Muntazir on the internet edition of the paper saying he was on leave when this admission was published and called it a “journalistic mistake by my staff”. Apologising to her family and all Indian Muslims, he wrote, “It has now been proven that Ishrat Jahan was not a member of Lashkar-e-Toiba and she was an innocent Muslim girl who was murdered by the Modi Sarkar.” What took the Lashkar three years to make the amendment is not explained.

The timing of the apology was significant. It came just before Gopinath Pillai, father of Javed Sheikh alias Pranesh Pillai who was killed along with Ishrat, filed a petition in the Supreme Court, demanding a CBI probe into the encounter.

Of course, it is common sense that you cannot acquit a criminal after he has confessed, and takes 3 years to retract his confession. The confession of 2004 was very accurate providing details that Ishrat was married to one of the 3 others in the car and was sitting with her husband which shows that LeT’s confession was very true. Also, the excuse given in the ‘retracting of confession’ that ‘I was on leave that day and it was a journalistic mistake’ is rubbish. If that was the case, it would have been retracted within 1-2 days, it doesn’t take 3 years to make correction to a mistake. The LeT retracted when it understood that it will be easier to put Narendra Modi in difficulty by accusing his government of murdering an ‘innocent’ girl rather than confessing that she was their terrorist. No one can, anyway, acquit a criminal after he has confessed. In 2004, when the Leftist-liberals were howling against Narendra Modi, there was absolutely no reason for LeT to falsely confess Ishrat as its member).

Then the CBI was given the case and it duly followed its master’s orders to frame innocent people and defend the guilty terrorists. Now we have a conflict between CBI and IB over this, and the Headlines Today broadcast proved that they were all indeed terrorists. But politicians like Sharad Pawar again alleged shamelessly that the 19 year old college student Ishrat was innocent and accused Narendra Modi of murdering her- NAKED SUPPORT TO TERRORISTS BY NCP, SHARAD PAWAR. This is blatant violation of 153-A needlessly infuriating a community, 499-500 blatantly fake and phony charges on innocent people, and direct support to terrorists. No less a man than Sharad Pawar has said this. He of course, did not explain why his own UPA coalition called her a terrorist in an affidavit given in the High Court in 2009, even after Justice Tamang’s (un-authorized) report.

Now after yesterday’s Headlines Today story, NCP MLA Jitendra Awhad, the man who gave compensation in 2004, alleged actually that the IB is on BJP’s orders and IB is not above law. This is another dangerous trend, a public representative making such terrible charges against IB which is also headed by a Muslim.
  It is absolutely clear that the UPA Government is now forcibly trying to frame innocents so as to target Narendra Modi as much as possible. Note here that the entire IB is fully behind its Officer who is being targetted by the CBI. One could say, that at the most, one officer gave false information. But is the entire IB involved in a conspiracy to ‘eliminate an innocent girl’? Absolutely impossible. The very fact that the whole IB, which is headed by a Muslim Asif Ibrahim is behind Kumar and against UPA Government’s witch-hunt shows that the IB is absolutely right and it is a forcible attempt by UPA to frame innocents.
Jitendra Awhad and Sharad Pawar are wrong on facts also. The Mumbai Police also said that there were sufficient leads to zero in on Ishrat. This police works under the Home Ministry of the state, which is held by their own party NCP.

   It is absolutely clear that Ishrat Jahan was a terrorist, since the UPA Government said this in a signed affidavit. It is absolutely impossible that the UPA Government would falsely call an ‘innocent’ Muslim girl as a ‘terrorist’ in 2009 that too in case of its bitter enemy Narendra Modi. It has just now in 2013 decided to use this against Narendra Modi by trying to fix his name though it knows that Ishrat was indeed a terrorist because it wants to frame Modi in some troubles so as to make Rahul Gandhi’s way clear in 2014.

Senior Coumnist T V R Shenoy wrote: “Everybody agrees that Ishrat Jahan disappeared from her house on June 12. Her mother Shamima Jahan Sheikh says she kept quiet about her daughter going missing because she didn’t want a scandal. This is understandable enough (although some parents might have consulted the authorities to make sure that a child was safe, scandal be damned). But it begs the question: what was Ishrat Jahan doing between June 12, when she disappeared from her mother’s house, and June 15, when she was shot in the company of alleged terrorists?

One theory doing the rounds is that the young lady was kidnapped by the Gujarat police for use in their ‘false encounter.’
Let us assume for argument’s sake that the Gujarat police wanted dead bodies to file a charge of an ‘encounter.‘ Why on earth would they choose a completely unknown girl from Thane as a victim? I am sure there are other, far more likely candidates, grown men with a known criminal background, in Gujarat itself. The Gujarat police could have plausibly chosen any of them and there would have been nary a murmur.

   Now it is urged not to repeat the mistake made in 2004. File cases against them, people like Sharad Pawar and NCP. This issue should be used politically, this will also expose people who can go to any extent to malign Narendra Modi. The big fish Sharad Pawar should not be spared, nor should Jitendra Awhad. Shankarsinh Vaghela, Congress, Abu Asim Azmi etc all are equally guilty.
And since they know they are on a very weak wicket, the judge seeing this case in the Gujarat High Court is Abhilasha Kumari, daughter of Congress Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, Virbhadra Singh. This shows how deep and complex the trap has been set to frame innocents and defend the guilty.
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