Once upon a time, there was a poor little minority girl by the name of Ishrat Jahan. She was trained to be a suicide bomber by the LeT’s Zaki-ur-Rahman Lakhvi and hence whenever she went out people called her “Little LeT Ishrat Jahan“.

One morning, she told her family that she is visiting her three LeT friends Javed Sheikh, Zeeshan Johar and Amjad Ali Rana as it has been a while since she saw them. After meeting them, Ishrat and her three Let friends decided to take a fun ride and travel to the big big city of Ahmedabad in Gujarat.

Little LeT Ishrat Jahan and her friends thought all day what fun activity they should do after reaching Ahmedabad. Finally Little LeT Ishrat Jahan happily suggested “Why don’t we try to assassinate the Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi?”

“That is a good idea” suggested all her three friends in union. So they all went out to buy a blue Tata Indica car and some guns and bombs to help her out.

The big bad Intelligence Bureau (IB) have been tracking innocent Ishrat and her three LeT friends for a very long time. The big bad IB went ahead to give information about poor Ishrat and her friends to the nasty Gujarat Police.

On the very next day when the Ishrat and her three LeT friends were travelling for a fun filled day of assassination, the nasty Gujarat Police jumped in. The nasty Gujarat police said “I will huff and puff and kill all of you….. MUHAHAHAHA !!!!”

Little Let Ishrat Jahan was terrified at the sight of the nasty Gujarat Police standing in front of them. Before she could say anything, the nasty Gujarat Police jumped on her and her LeT friends and killed them with many many bullets.

Poor Little LeT Ishrat Jahan, she had to die without completing her fun assassination task of Chief Minister Narendra Modi?


Congress Government saw the injustice done to Little LeT Ishrat Jahan and her three friends, they got very very angry. The Congress along with their Media friends, Human Rights Activists friends took the case of Little Let Ishrat Jahan to the Gujarat Courts.

They did Dharna, they did protest, they forgot all their work and fought hard for rights of Little LeT Ishrat Jahan!!! But sadly nothing worked and the killers of Ishrat Jahan were only happy that Congress could not do anything.

Finally a Congress Minister thought of a brilliant plan to avenge Little LeT Ishrat Jahan. They filed many affidavits and destroyed all the evidences. They forced witness to give correct statements and made secretaries do their work properly.

In the end Congress finally avenged the soul of Poor Little LeT Ishrat Jahan. Also the big bad Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi did not become the Prime Minister Candidate in 2009 elections.

The Congress won the elections fair and straight and went on to protect more such innocent LeT Boys and Girls from the nasty Gujarat Police and bid bad Narendra Modi:)