ISIS Terrorists Employed by Sonia Gandhi’s Political Adviser Ahmed Patel double confirms data exposed by this RTI

India’s Congress party president Sonia Gandhi wipes her sweat as party’s vice-president Rahul Gandhi (L) watches during a farmers rally at Ramlila ground in New Delhi, India, September 20, 2015. REUTERS/Adnan Abidi - RTS1Z5K

Few weeks back, an RTI was filed by RTI activist Prafful Sarda with home and defense ministry asking various questions on terror attacks, which happened in India under different governments. The numbers which came out were indeed shocking and it was a clear indication that a common Indian was not safe under UPA rule, when Manmohan singh was the prime minister controlled by congress president Sonia Gandhi and then General Secretory Rahul Gandhi(Now VP).

Shocking : Details Exposed by this RTI on Terrorism explains how Unsafe, Indians were during Congress UPA Rule!!!

Below were the questions asked by Prafful Sarda and response from department

1) How many terrorist attacks happened till date.
2) How many people found guilty & how many facing trials.
3) How many terror attacks happened in Jammu & Kashmir. And how people have died in those attacks.
4) How many terrorist get killed in those attacks and how many of our brave soldiers lost their life in these attacks.
5) From 2004 to 2014 how many attacks happened. How many happened from 2015 to 2017.
6) What are the major steps taken by the concern authority for the same.

To the response on above points Ministry of home affairs ( Internal Security Division-1) has said since 1989 till date 139 terror incidents reported. From 2004 to 2014 total 58 terror incident reported. And from 2015 to 2017 in 3 years just 3 such incidents have reported.
In 26/11 incident Mumbai total 9 terrorist are killed. 27/07/2015 Gurudaspur (Punjab) total 3 terrorist are killed. And 02/01/2016, Pathnkot (Punjab) total 4 terrorist are killed.
Other than this if we look at extended data then from 2004 to 2014 there are 9961 terrorist violence incidents are happened, 2109 civilians are killed, 1102 security forces have lost their life And 4115 terrorist are killed by our army.

If we look at 2015 to 2017 data (Till 10th sep 2017) then there are 772 terrorist violence incidents are happened, 57 civilians are killed, 176 security forces have lost their life And 403 terrorist are killed by our army.
To stop such incident government is taking strict steps through setting 4 NSG hubs, requisition private aircraft in any emergency, flood lighting, border fencing, up-gradation of intelligence setup, costal security deployment of modern & hi-tech surveillance, immigration control are few of them.
The government has encouraged policies to mainstream the youth, including providing employment opportunities to keep them away from militancy.

With a latest link of employment provided by Political Adviser of Sonia Gandhi and RS MP from Gujarat Ahmed Patel to ISIS terrorists, who were in mission to create terror mayhem and kill people in Ahmedabad in his hospital, this data released by RTI gets more support and clearly exposes, why terror attacks were more, when UPA ruled India.

BIG EXPOSE!! This Link Between Caught ISIS Operatives and Ahmed Patel Can be Big Trouble for Congress Party

It it because Many leaders like Ahmed Patel in UPA had links with terrorists and hence terror attacks happened in India? did these leaders got money to get the country infected by terror and get own countrymen killed?

Well, the data from RTI says numbers and latest one with Ahmed Patel’s link with ISIS terrorists makes people believe such allegations.