ISKCON on fire: After Shemaroo, now Amazon Prime videos on the radar for disrespecting Hindu monks

After Shemaroo, International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has now threatened to take legal action against online streaming platform Amazon Prime video. The religious organization has raised objections to certain dialogs made in the episode 2 of Hostel Daze series.

Calling the portrayal highly objectionable, ISKCON’s spokesperson Radharamn Das asked Amazon Prime to take down the series. Failing which, he said “we will take you to court.”

Das further added that ISKCON has thousands of very qualified monks who have degrees from prestigious Universities like IITs.

ISKCON had earlier filed a complaint against Shemaroo for a ‘stand-up comedy’ act by ‘comedian’ Surleen Kaur who said, “Beshak hum sab ISKCON waley hain, par andar sey sun harami porn waley hain…”.

The organization however later withdrew the case after an unconditional apology by Shemaroo.