Islamic forces attack peaceful Vinayaka Chaturthi procession in Tamil Nadu

In Tirunelvelli district, near Chenkottai, there was a out break of dispute between two communities during the procession of Vinakya Chaturthi. Tamil Nadu Police had restored to lathi charge to control the situation, section 144 has been imposed in surrounding areas to ease out the tension.

On 13th September 2018, Hindus devotees of Chenkottai began with their Vinakaya Chaturthi procession around 8 PM. When the procession was about to pass through Muslim dominated areas, around 200 members from the Islamic community blocked their path to preventing the Hindus from carrying forward with the procession. Tensions built up as hundreds of Hindu devotees clarified that this was the usual procession route taken out by them for the past several years.

Tamil Nadu Police intervened and eased out the tension between both the communities to proceed forward with the Vinayaka procession in a peaceful manner. The procession resumed but all of a sudden few members of the Islamic group started pelting stones on the Vinayaka idols and devotees.

This further aggravated members of Hindu community, and they restored to violence against the stone pelters from the Islamic community. Nearly 5 people have been injured in the violence that followed. Around 20 cars/motorcycles along with public property were damaged.

Social Media has been abuzz with tweets from several Twitteratti condemning the Islamic miscreants to attack a peaceful procession of Vinayaka Chaturthi in Tamil Nadu. The hashtag #TNMuslimTerrorism has become National trending since yesterday.