Islamic mob vandalises Chhat puja ghat in Bihar’s Seemanchal, demography change continues to haunt Hindus

Even as ‘minority rights’ continue to be one of the most hallowed privileges in the country with constant concern from various quarters about its protection, it has often been observed that the word ‘minority’ has pretty much become synonym for a specific community, notwithstanding the actual demographic data.

In regions or states where Hindus are a minority, they are still kept away from the ‘minority rights’, even as Muslims continue to enjoy the same in states or regions where their population has well exceeded the constitutional defination of minority.

In such scenario, demography change continues to be a major concern faced by the Hindu community. A recent instance from Bihar’s Seemanchal has again pointed at how drastic change in demography could have devastating effects on the Hindu population.

According to reports, Hindus in Katihar district of Seemanchal division were barred by local Muslim mobs from conducting Chhat puja rituals. The dispute initially started with Muslim mobs opposing the use of fireworks by Hindu devotees. However as the altercation escalated, the mobs allegedly vandalised the ghat set up for puja, urinated and defected over it.

In a video going viral on social media, a distressed Hindu man could be seen asking for help from local MLA Tarkishore Prasad. The man is heard saying, “we are 30 Hindu houses here amidst 30 thousand Muslim houses,” adding that “they are not letting us observe Chhat parab.”

The disruption by the Muslim mobs led to a communally charged atmosphere. Although, Hindus were able to observe the rituals in evening. However, such incidents from Seemanchal of Bihar are alarming and must be taken cognizance of before its too late.

It maybe noted that in recently concluded sgste assembly polls, Asaduddin Owaisi’s AIMIM won as many as five seats in Seemanchal region.