Islamists and liberals unite to thank the Mughals on twitter, people ask why

Islamists and liberals have joined in hands on social media for yet another cause. This time, their cause is to thank the Mughals, the invaders who had a history of looting and plundering the wealth of native Kings and temples apart from committing some of worst crimes against humanity in medieval times.

Former Indian Express journalist Irena Akbar was one of the first ones if not the very first, to start this sudden trend of thanking the Mughals on social media.

The Mughal apologists have also come up with several reasons for why we must be thanking the Mughals, though not all of them can be called historically correct. For instance some of those thanking the Mughals, insisted that the invaders were responsible for bringing a large area of India under same political unit. However they forgot to write about the native empires which at their zenith had ruled over greater mass of land than the Mughals did.

Others tried to imply that Mughals did a great favour on Indians by constricting the red fort from which the Prime Ministers address the nation on every independence day.

Irena Akbar also proclaimed her pride in being a “Babar ki Aulad (descendant of Babur).” She further said that she is proud of such victorious history. Perhaps Irena Akbar is unaware of the fact that in native annals of India, Babur is remembered as a ruthless invader who only inflicted pain on the Indians. Every victory of Babur or his descendants, only mean defeat for India and her native religion, culture, customs.

Many on social media, meanwhile have called out this trend. They have countered the tall claims of great development under Mughals, with facts and figures.

With arguments and counter-arguments on both sides, it remains to be seen where this debate over the Mughal period heads.