Isn’t this intolerance? Sleep,Slap and Arrest if criticized?

Congress government in Karnataka led by Sidaramaiaha seems to be showing lot of intolerance towards anyone who criticizes the government functioning, there has been numerous arrests in the recent past over a tweet,facebook post and what not ,recent one being arrest of a techie for an facebook post targeting CM.


While majority of ISIS sympathizers arrested by NIA belonged to Karnataka as per news reports ,and is slowly becoming terror hub government is busy going behind citizens who criticise them , yes the language and reaction sometimes are bad but the provocation is equally terrible,lets look at some of the examples


1) Arrest of hindu priest for making “threat” calls to Karnataka Sahitya Academy

Provocation :
Government had honoured a “writer” who had abused hinduism and gave call for burning some parts of bhagvadgita,he goes on to say Lord Ram was a illegitimate son and whoever worships Lord ram would commit suicide.
Reaction and subsequent arrest:
After this there were 35 FIR’s filed against this writer and naturally citizens were outraged on that spur of moment a 45-year-old priest and a hostel warden identified as Raghunath Tantri from Hubballi, who allegedly made threat calls to Karnataka Sahitya Academy for choosing writer K.S. Bhagwan for annual lifetime achievement award for 2013, was arrested.
Raghupathi Tantri was tracked down through the mobile phone he used to make the , alls and a team of police picked him up from his house in Hubballi. followed by police grilling and he went through so much trauma etc..

2)Tippu celebrations and murder of VHP leader kuttappa
Government celebrated tipppu birthday who was a controversial figure was criticised for converting lacs of hindus and as most cruel ruler ,on november 10th,to coincide with Diwali,his actual birthday was on november 20, this has enraged all hindus.
Large number of Muslims gathered in one place called kodagu during tippu celebrations ,and during rally they started rioting and subsequently
leading to death of one vhp leader called kuttappa

3)BJP leader arrested for remarks on CM
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah joined the beef row he said “I haven’t had beef. But I will eat. Who are you to question? Whatever is comfortable for me, I will eat.” he said referring to the BJP leaders’ objection to beef consumption while interacting with the media in Bengaluru on Thursday.
reaction and subsequent arrest
in a small local rally ,BJP leader SN Channabasappa was arrested after he threatened to behead Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah for his beef remark. Channabasappa was arrested under section 153, 353 and 506 for his remarks on Siddaramaiah.He was arrested and kept in jail.

4)Techie arrested for fb post
recent incident of CM siddaramaiaha slapping officer in Bellary
reaction and subsequetn arrest
in reaction to the above incident,Roshan a techie from bangalore in his fb post, which has now been deleted, wrote,”Dear LTTE, ISIS, Al Qaeda, KKK or anyone listening ..Please do us a favour and assassinate this *****! Facebook”. It was a caption for an article about CM Siddaramaiah slapping a senior government official, municipal Commissioner Ramesh, who allegedly stepped on chief minister’s foot.

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Apparently had modi wanted people to be arrested for his criticism , indian jails would not have beeen enough ,this reminds me of a statement by congress leader of Saharanpur,”Will chop Modi to pieces if he does a Gujarat here, ” This is just one of many examples ,yet Modi has shown
lot of tolerance.
Let the people decide who is intolereant