Israeli biotech company claims to have found compete cure of cancer

Cancer is fast becoming the greater reason of fear for people, especially those who can’t afford costly treatment at expensive medical facilities. The disease itself is also growing at a faster pace than many had expected. However, amid such times an Israeli company has come up with a good news for the entire humanity.

Accelerated Evolution Biotechnologies Ltd (AEBi), founded in 2000 from the ITEK Weizmann technology incubator has made bold claims to cure the disease completely. In an interview to a leading daily, Aridor, chairman of the board of AEBi, has asserted that their cancer cure will be effective from the very first day and will last for a few weeks. Additionally, their medicines will have “no or minimal side-effects”. He further said that the cure for cancer will be available at a much lower cost than other treatments available in the market.

The treatment which the biotech company calls MuTaTo (multi-target toxin) is based on SoAP technology, which belongs to the phage display group of technologies.

CEO of the biotech company Dr Ilan Morad said they started with identifying why other cancer-related drugs and treatment are not working and then they looked for an effective way to counter it.

Most cancer drugs attack a specific target or on the cancer cell, but MuTaTo attacks the cancer cell’s receptors from three different directions.
“Instead of attacking receptors one at a time, we attack receptors three at a time. Not even cancer can mutate three receptors at one time,” said Morad, to the daily newspaper.

After a successful mice trail, Morad said that the company is now preparing to try medicines on humans through this year. Following this, they will introduce the medicine in the market by next year.

The claim made by the biotech company sounds very exciting when around 18. 1 million new cases of cancer are being diagnosed every year across the globe.

(With inputs from TOI)