ISRO creates history with Chandrayaan-2, Congress remembers Nehru and “also” Manmohan Singh

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on Monday created history by successfully launching much anticipated lunar mission, the Chandrayaan-2. The mission will explore yet unknown south-pole of the Moon.

The mission is expected to open up new horizons for the researchers on earth’s mysterious yet beautiful companion. As soon as ISRO announced the successful launch of the mission, congratulations and appreciations started pouring in from all corners of the nation and the world.

Like others, India’s grand old party, the Congress also congratulated ISRO on this feat. But perhaps out of their old habit, the Congress somehow managed to discover a Nehru angle to this achievement as well.

Off late, the Congresss party has made it into a habit to link their former Prime Ministers and especially Jawaharlal Nehru with all the achievements of the nation.

Continuing the tradition, Congress on Monday tweeted : “This is a good time to remember the visionary move of India’s first PM Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to fund space research through INCOSPAR in1962 which later became ISRO. And also Dr. Manmohan Singh for sanctioning the #Chandrayan2 project in 2008.”

However, the tweet did not seem to be going down well with the twitterati, which started trolling Congress for politicising the achievements of the scientists.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday congratulated Isro for the successful launch of Chandrayaan-2 and said scientists overcame the glitches during the previous launch, proving their grit and determination.
The prime minister spoke with Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) chief K Sivan and congratulated him and the team involved in the mission, saying the launch is a matter of pride for all Indians.

“Last week, the launch had to be postponed due to technical reasons. You found the technical glitch with alacrity and took steps to solve it. And now, within a week you achieved success in the launch. You deserve a special congratulations for this,” Modi said.

It is an excellent example of the talent, capability and self confidence of the scientists to take on any challenge, he said.

“The bigger the challenge, the intention gets equally big. I am told despite a delay of a week, the date of Chandrayaan-2 reaching the moon will remain the same,” Modi said.