ISRO locates position of Vikram Lander, expecting to reconnect with it shortly

2 days after losing all communications, ISRO on Saturdays announced that it has located the lander Vikram on moon’s surfaces and are expecting to reconnect with it shortly. It has landed 500m meters away from the decided landing spot.

ISRO chief Sivan had conduct a review with his team members to address the cause of the loss of communication with the lander during its maiden attempt to soft land in the south polar region of the moon. It is suspected that the lander lost control due to malfunctioning of one of the five thrusters that could have destabilised the vehicle.

India’s maiden mission was a partial success after the lander Vikram lost communication 2.1 kms away from landing on the moon’s surface. The Lander carried the Pragyan rover.

When Vikram went silent, ISRO mission control searched for links from Nasa’s deep space network centre in Madrid and the Indian station in Mauritius. “No signal from Vikram, no links from Madrid or Mauritius,” the mission control had announced.

A senior scientist who is part of the mission told TOI: “We have enough data available to do the analysis.”