IUML used Rohith Vemula’s death for political gains, alleges Rohith’s mother Radhika Vemula

In a shocking revelation, deceased Ambedkarite activist Rohith Vemula’s mother, Radhika Vemula has accused the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) of using her for political mileage.

Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) party members approached Radhika Vemula soon after Rohith’s suicide. They promised her to offer a sum of Rs 20 lakhs towards building a house for the family which stays in a rented accommodation.

“When Rohith died, I was just crying in the velivada and I had no idea about all the people coming and greeting me. At this time, these party members came from Kerala and said that they heard the news and heard that we were absolutely poor,” Radhika Vemula told The News Minute.

Back in 2016, The Hindu reported that a site for the construction of the house was also identified at Koppuravuru which lies between Vijayavada and Guntur. Having their own house was a dream come true for the Vemula family. Rohith’s brother, Raja Vemula told The Hindu, “When we were young in age we lived at our grandmother’s house and later my mother moved to a small rented accommodation. A home was always our dream.”

However, little did the Vemula family know that this promise was nothing short of a political façade by the IUML

Radhika Vemula told The News Minute that the party used her as a political tool to acquire fame. They took her to Kerala and presented her before a crowd of about 40000 people in a political gathering. “Within one month, they took us to Kerala and made us participate in a big meeting with around 30,000 to 40,000 people and promised that they would sanction Rs 20 lakh and construct a house for us,” she said.

She was subsequently taken to other places a number of times for similar meetings. She believes that the IUML has gained quite a bit of political strength because they had projected her as one of the main guests attending several meetings.

She further told that several politicians, apparently from the same party, visited her and took photos with a big white cheque that had Rs 25 lakh printed in bold letters. However, she did not receive any money.

But, later she learned that the politicians went to Kerala and falsely claimed that they had given her the money. Finally, after several women’s organisations put pressure on them, they sent two cheques by courier worth Rs 2.5 lakh each. But one of these checks bounced.

However, Subair, Youth League State President, however, has called the cheque bounce a clerical mistake. Defending the party’s position, he stated “We will pay the rest ten lakh when the procedures are over. We have set aside Rs 15 lakh for them and won’t step back from the promise. Only thing is that we want to make sure that they get a house and that the money is not lost in anyway.”

Rohith Vemula, an Ambedkarite activist, committed suicide by hanging himself in his hostel room in 2016. He came under the limelight in 2015 for protesting the death penalty of Yakub Memon, a convicted terrorist involved in the 1993 Bombay bombings which killed 257 innocent civilians.

His suicide was dubbed as a case of atrocities against Dalits by radical Dalitists. However, an inquiry by the Andhra Pradesh government revealed that he is an OBC and, in fact, not a Dalit. It was also found that Rohith had fraudulently procured the fake Scheduled Caste certificate, which the government has decided to cancel.

While, another inquiry led by Justice Roopanwal found that Vemula’s suicide was “wholly a decision of his own” and no one else is responsible for that, and that evidence indicates he is not a Dalit.