Have Jallikattu Protests been hijacked by Jihadists and turned Anti National?

What begun as a peaceful gathering of 50-100 people on Marina Beach on 17th January 2017 to show their solidarity towards Jallikattu (an ancient bull taming sport), has now brought the entire World’s focus onto them. As days progressed by, the crowds began to swell gradually by pulling in several like minded youngsters from IT, students and families.

Kathikeya Sivasenapathy, Aadhi aka Hip Hop Tamizha, P R Ayiaah and Rajesh were the original brain behind the entire idea. The protests were not just restricted to Chennai but spread like wildfire to Coimbatore, Salem, Trichy, Madurai and several other urban/semi urban districts of Tamil Nadu.

Estimates suggest that currently there are more than ten lakh protesters gathered at Marina Beach to oppose the ban on Jallikattu by Supreme Court of India. These protesters never had the support of any Political Party, Film Fraternity or any other influential group in India. They have managed to keep fueling the protests with their own funding and organization team with the sole cause of Jallikattu.

Now that an Ordinance has been promulgated after several rounds of consultation between the Central and State Government led by PM Modi and CM O Paneerselvam respectively, things have started to taken an ugly turn at the protests.

What began as a fight against the ban of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu  has now turned into a hub for Anti National and Anti Social elements in the state. Un-Parliamentary  slogans against the Prime Minister and Chief Minister, call for a separate state of Tamil Nadu, disrespecting of the National Flag and Anti Hindutva protests have dominated the scene.



Although at every stage of the protest, Tamil Nadu Police and State Government have given the protesters the much required protection and approval, they are starting to deviate from the main cause. The scenes made by these Protesters have turned not only Anti Government but has also reached a point where protesters can be charged with treason.

Going by the current pictures, one can even suggests that Jihadists and LTTE sympathizers have taken front stage in these protests. Protesters have infact threatened to disrupt the Republic Day Parade on January 26th 2017 which usually occurs at Marina Beach.

a. Check out Slippers on the Person’s Neck with PM Modi’s Poster on face

b. The Bike is Tamil Nadu registration and check out Osama Bin Laden’s picture on the bike

c. A disturbing whats app message with its translation by Jihadists

d. Anti RSS poster even though RSS supported Jallikattu

e. Pro Tamil Eelam Protests, Separate Tamil Nadu state protests

f. Pro Tamil Eelam Pictures

g. Anti Subramaniam Swamy Picture, even though Swamy fought for Jallikattu

h. Anti PM Modi protests projecting him as a dead body

Do you still feel that these protests are going in the right direction? Have these protests been hijacked by Jihadists, Anti National and Anti Social elements? Please provide your view as comments.