Jamshedpur: A Muzaffarnagar Averted


In what could be only be seen as an ominous repetition of Muzaffarnagar riots that shook northern UP in 2013, riots occurred between two groups in Mango, Jamshedpur. Death threats were given after people protested against molestation of women in a muslim majority area.

Near Hanuman Temple in very close proximity to Mango, Police Statin groups from two sides indulged in violent altercations which included stone pelting which led to chaos and panic. DSP Animesh Naithani, Pardih Circle Inspector Satyendra Prasad, CCR DSP Jansita Kerketta were among the dozen plus people injured in the incident.

Roads were covered with stones and bricks as police surrendered to the rampaging mobs shooting bullets and pelting stones at each other. Police seemed completely helpless in controlling the situation as intermittent firing continued. The crossfire was so intense that City SP Chanan Kumar Jha and other police officials could not even reach the area. Only after reinforcements came with armored vans they were able to rach the location. Even after reinforcements were brought, police only managed to reach Hanuman Temple. After two and a half hours senior police inspector Anup T Matthew came with more reinforcements. But till then, Thela, Gulf Guest House among many other places were already subjected to destruction and vandalism.

It is being said that the whole thing happened because of a molestation incident. One side is accusing that men from Azadnagar molested girls from Daiguttu, when this was opposed then the same men on Monday threatened the protesters with guns. This led to people from Daiguttu deciding to teach them a lesson. They began assembling outside Hanuman Temple late at night around 10:00 pm on Monday. This led to the people from other side also assembling in large numbers.

At that time police force was only marginal, that led to the two groups becoming more and more confrontational. People from Daiguttu started burning tires on the road, the other group on seeing this became agitated and began approaching towards the protesters. This led to stone pelting, first small and then large. This led to chaos and a stampede like situation. Even the police ran for cover. When the whole area was vacated by the protesters to protect themselves from being hit by stones, district police came after 15 minutes. Situation remained tense till late night.

Sad that Mainstream media has not covered this till now.More Details to come, Stay tuned to our Website and Page.

Jai Hind!! Satyameva Jayate

Here is a collection of pics and small Video of this small riot


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