Janta Ka Reporter Presstitute Gets Thrashed on National Television By Tarek Fatah – Must Watch VIDEO

If you follow Arvind Kejriwal and his twitter account, you will notice links of a particular website being shared a lot by him. If you followed any of his ministers too, you would again see the links from that same website being shared consistently. Why? It is biased COMPLETELY in favor of Aam Aadmi Party. In fact, as per sources, it is being run by AAP itself. It is, hence, not a surprise that it has big bias against the BJP.

The website is names Janta ka Reporter.. you can also reach it by going at AAPkaReporter.com. They are not hiding the fact that they are reporters of Aam Aadmi Party only. Now this man tried to question Tarek Fatah and Got Thrashed by him. Watch the Video below: