Jasleen Kaur – Read Once before Supporting-Your Views will Change

Jasleen Kaur exposed

We saw a Social Media Post of Jasleen Kaur flooding social media yesterday that a Guy on Enfield tried to abuse and Molest her and soon, we saw people supporting and sharing the posts everywhere and even Main Stream media jumping in with below conclusions.

#‎ABP‬ has declared the Boy “Manchala”
‪#‎TOI‬ has declared the Boy “Pervert”
‪#‎TimesNow‬ is celebrating “Burn him alive” event

Jasleen Kaur

But did we see the other part of story. Did we used our brains to check if this girl Jasleen is indeed saying true or just doing this for fame???

Here is more on the same

The incident involving the guy whose picture she has shared on social media was originally posted by someone else named Vikas Yogi on twitter at 11:12 PM on 23rd August-


To this tweet of Vikas, Jasleen Kaur replied on Twiter as

“haha…haan shayad ladki ne pehle chhedha hoga use”


jasleen-tweetAfter replying like this she thought why not take this to her advantage. And hence started sharing this photo as her own abuse –


Addition of tweets with time stamp


jt1 jt2 jt3


Now, lets go little towards past and Understand, Who this Girl Jasleen is:

  • She was associated with NDTV as an Intern (Remember fake story of Misbah Qadri- Any similarities??)



  • She has her connections and youth leader of Aam Aadmi Party too. Here are the evidences








IT Head of AAP (Ankit Lal) is her friend.




  • She hates Hindus and Hinduism


  •  She is a Khalistani supporter Since this group contains Jernail Singh of AAP, who is an Active Khalistani supporter Nationally and Internationally( People can use google for verifying)

  • Other Part of Story on what the Guy says- and Yes, there seems to be 1-2 minutes of interaction between two of them in traffic signal



She was doing just for Name and Fame by Saravjeet Singh. She wants Brownie points to contest Delhi Elections.




What the suspect says




Comments from Victims Mother on entire issue



  • Her social Views on Dress Sense of Women.

Women Jas

  • Sarvjeet was right , Jasleen Kaur was controlling the traffic and stopped him first and Jasleen said she was going from there, But Sarvjeet said she was controlling traffic & stopped him firsr. here is proof

Jaswhatsapp1 jasimage2 Jasimage1 Jasappp Jaswhatsapp

  • Finally, Why this might have happened…


  • Finally…The Mother of all, She runs away from News Studio when she finds, that a Witness is also there. Also says that it was agreed that no witness will be called and says to news anchor…This is breach of trust. Now we all know…who is lying



We are sure, that after reading this, many of you, who might have supported Jasleen might be left thinking about changing the View or at least remaining neutral.


All these incidents and dots remind me of Rohtak girl case that how 2 girls first accused boys and then everything was found to be false later.

Now a days, Just for Media attraction, becoming famous,political gains and advantages, both men and women do these kind of tricks. One should research well and know truth before supporting.

Jai Hind.