Jasleen Kaur- Should not Times Now and NDTV Apologize for Spoiling Saravjeet’s Reputation without proof?

What we are seeing after the recent so called verbal abuse or some call it Molestation of ex NDTV Intern and AAP youth wing leader jasleen Kaur. Below tweets and snapshots were on how media blamed the guy Saravjeet singh.

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The Girl had not filed an FIR in police station. Victim Saravjeet Singh himself went to clarify to police station and was arrested without FIR. He was released in Bail in few hours and shameless Times Now reporter was asking him to apologize without hearing his part or understanding him. She was completely avoiding his views and was repeating 100 times to apologize and feel shameful. Here is that Video.


Later, a regular passer by registered his view on media and he clearly states that Guy was innocent and Girl is framing him. language of Girl was extremely bad is also stated. Here is the Video.


And Lastly, in debate hour at Zee news Studio in evening, This Jasleen Kaur says, she will not speak in front of witness(well, she knows that she is lying) and also goes in and says…Witness can be planted on the Lines of He is an Ambani Agent(After all-she is an AAP Young Leader) and also accuses Zee News anchor that bringing witness was not agreed. She goes ahead and posts below in her FB timeline since Zee news was neutral and did not support her like NDTV or Times Now.


Video of her not facing the Victim


Even times has published a news, that a constable nearby has audio recorded it and guy comes clean on the recording. Which will be presented in court and guy is expected to come out clean. Also its heard that a CCTV footage is available, which is clearly supporting Saravjeet singh.


NDTV and Times Now with Arnab framing false charges on the Guy, Saravjeet singh for the instance is not new. Similar was the case of Rohtak Girls issue, Misbah Qadri Mumbai issue.  In this case, it can very well ruin life of Saravjeet Singh in his college or work place.

Should not Arnab and NDTV apologize bold in news Hour itself???

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Satyameva Jayate!! Truth should stand out and win.