Jharkhand: 16 arrested for allegedly trying to convert Adivasis to Christianity in Dumka district

Sixteen individuals from an association with alleged links to Christian missionaries have been captured for purportedly attempting religious transformations in Jharkhand’s Dumka region, a senior cop said today.

  • Freedom of Religion Act came into existence in the state in September 2017.
  • 25 people allegedly encouraging to embrace Christianity were held hostage by tribal villagers.
  • Police saved all 25 from grip of villagers and has arrested 16 of them after inquiry.

The captures were made yesterday, two days after 25 ‘evangelists’, including the 16 charged, were saved by police from the grip of infuriated tribal villagers in the zone and kept for inquiry, SP Kishore Kaushal said.

Every one of them 25 were held prisoner on Thursday night by local people in the Shikaripara police headquarters zone of the area for claimed unfavorable comments against tribal places of worship, he said.

In light of a protestation enlisted by Ramesh Hembrom, the Gram Pradhan of Phoolpahari town here, 16 of the 25 ‘evangelists’, confined on Friday, were captured and sent to the prison, Kaushal stated, including that seven of those captured were ladies.

Asked some information about the association they were working for, Kaushal said they were “related” with Christian evangelists.

“We are examining into the claims. It is a touchy issue. Hembrom, in his grievance, had said he had been questioning the endeavor of these teachers to persuade villagers to grasp Christianity in the course of recent months,” he clarified.

The SP likewise said that notices and duplicates of religious writings have been seized from the ownership of the denounced.

Manoj Kumar Thakur, the officer incharge for Shikaripara police headquarters, said police were endeavoring to uncover the “channel” behind the transformation incidents, disregarding the Jharkhand Freedom of Religion Act, which came into constrain in the state in September 2017.

It is the first significant capture made by the police since the Freedom of Religion Act was executed a year ago, he included.