Jharkhand: Police books poor fruit sellers for writing “Hindu” in banner of their stall

On Saturday, a group of fruit sellers were booked by the police in Jharkhand for saying that theirs is a shop run by Hindus. A banner in front of the shop read, ‘Vishwa Hindu Parishad ki anumodit Hindu phal dukaan’ (translated as ‘fruit shop approved by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’.

Police reportedly took the action after one twitter user named Ahsan Razi, complained about the banners on social media. The police reached the site and got the banners removed in a suo moto response.

Once the post made by the said twitter user went viral, Jharkhand police took cognizance and directed Jamshedpur police department to take action. To this Jamshedpur police replied saying that action has been initiated and banners have been removed. Additionally, legal action is being taken against shopkeepers under section 107 of CRPC, the police said. The section deals with prevention of possible breach of peace.

Proceedings under this section may be taken before any Executive Magistrate when either the place where the breach of the peace or disturbance is apprehended is within his local jurisdiction or there is within such jurisdiction a person who is likely to commit a breach of the peace or disturb the public tranquillity or to do any wrongful act as aforesaid beyond such jurisdiction.

Talking to a Swarajya correspondent, the fruit sellers said that police threatened to throw them in jail. But after a while they cooled down and told them not to put such banners in front of their Stall.