Four days ago after his miraculous comeback, escaping from the jaws of death in a Siachen avalanche, Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad immediately became an accustomed name with every Indian house hold. Buried nearly in 30 feet deep snow for 6 days, the Indian Army managed to rescue him from an almost impossible scenario. His village erupted with joy and embraced an early Diwali like atmosphere when news broke out that he has been found by the Indian Army. With prayer on their lips and profound faith in their hearts, everyone at Betadur, his hometown, hoped for a certain miracle.

Unfortunately in spite a billion prayers, an out pour of organ donations from strangers all across the country and the most intensive care at the Army’s Research and Referral hospital, the warrior breathed his last at 11:45 AM on Thursday, 11th Feb 2016. This unfortunate loss of the Soldier created an aura of poignant patriotism at his village which was filled with teary eyed students singing the National Anthem at the footsteps of his house.

Such was the mood in the Nation which was also singing praises for the son of this soil. In fact there are many more warriors, who are worthy of such praises to be showered on them, but they prefer to call themselves as members of the Indian Army. Lance Naik Hanamathappa was one such soul who always kept repeating the line “I AM 19 MADRAS”, meaning he believed that “If i am strong and tough, my battalion is strong and tough”.

What astounds me is that, we have many such righteous men/women in the Nation who should be glorified for their actions, but surprisingly JNU’s Student Union leader Kanhaiya Kumar chose Afzal Guru as an exemplary choice. Apart from organizing a seditious protest projecting Afzal Guru, the terrorist who attacked the Indian Parliament, as a Hero, he also had the audacity to demand for an Azad Kashmir. Even though there are thousands of Indians who have laid down their lives in the process of protecting this state, I am uncertain as to why our students have been nurtured with such anti national aspirations.

Clearly there is a secret political nexus behind this thought process. In my previous article, I have outlined a clear strategy employed by Ultra leftist organizations similar to Democratic Student Union (DSU), to promulgate Anti Nationalism in India. This is subsequently being aided by Left centric student political bodies and Indian National Congress, in order to wield back their lost political control of this Nation.

Probably the next step to follow is a candle light march lead from the front by Rahul Gandhi. He will be converting this into a political battle field suggesting that “Post BJP’s rise to the helm of affairs, India has become a Nation which curtails freedom of speech”. Looks to me like Rohith Vemula 2.0 all over again.

The student environment is a breeding group for future leaders and every student has a right to be politically left, right or neutral. But encouraging protests like “Empathy for Yakub Memon”, “Azad for Kashmir” and “Candle light march for Afzal Guru” are truly JIHADHI in nature. Remember the “Kiss Of Love” protest which rocked the nation in 2014 by various Student Unions? How many of us knew the participants of such protest were caught in a child prostitution racket? Be it Rohith Vemula or Kanhaiya Kumar, most of our left leaning student unions are clearly seditious in nature, training a simple student’s minds to be tainted with separatist and anti national ideologies.


The rise of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) at the grass root levels has clearly rattled many political parties, but the fight between student unions has taken an ugly route. Instead of fighting ideology Vs ideology, left leaning parties are creating an unholy alliance by promoting hatred politics among its student bodies. Only a neutral leadership of the Universities coupled with a healthy political environment can be the corrective solution for the situation we are facing now.