Journalist Kanchan Gupta abused on Twitter for appealing BJP MP to wear helmet

Recently some people on twitter misbehaved with senior journalist, Kanchan Gupta after he appealed young BJP Parliamentarian, Pratap Simha to wear helmet while riding motorcycles.

On Sunday Member of Parliament from Mysore, Pratap Simha shared a cuddly image of himself talking with a little girl while sitting on a motorcycle. Neither Pratap nor the girl in the picture had helmets on their heads.

To the image that was shared on micro-blogging site twitter, senior journalist Kanchan Gupta had responded saying, “Sir, Shouldn’t you and the child be wearing helmets, that would be safe for both of you and it would encourage others to use helmets. Also talking to the child while driving bike may not be a good idea. MP’s like you should be role models.” Kanchan believed that a public figure like Pratap Simha sharing images on bike without helmets may leave an impression on the youth that not wearing helmet is some kind of a “fashion statement.”

However without understanding his innocent intentions some people assumed that he criticized Pratap Simha, and started hurling abuses at Kanchan in utterly vulgar language. A person even went on to call the senior journalist a “dynasty boot-licker,” despite the fact that Kanchan is a big supporter of Nationalist politics and Yogi Adityanath.

Having no option left in-front of the flood of nonstop abusive and hateful tweets, Kanchan decided to delete his tweet. And he later made a post on his Facebook to explain the entire issue. In the Facebook post Kanchan recalled how his cousin who is a national award winning artist had a career destroying accident for not wearing a helmet while riding.

“Ever since that tragic incident, I have been of the view that we should all help inculcate a sense of responsibility among others by being demonstrably responsible in our words and deeds. Influencers, for example, should not be seen riding motorcycles without wearing helmets or driving cars without using safety belts, or driving rashly, even in ads or movies,” he said.

Twitter is supposed to be a platform to share ideas and information but in India and across the world it is quickly becoming a means of abusing and insulting others.