Journalist Shabbir Ahmed slammed by Twitterati for allegedly twisting Superstar Rajinikanth’s statement on Sabarimala

Several people on twitter have slammed journalist Shabbir Ahmed for allegedly twisting superstar Rajinikanth’s comments on the ongoing Sabarimala controversy.

Calling Shabbir Ahmed a “liar,” one Twitter user accused Shabbir of twisting the statement that was given in Tamil. “His exact words (translated) ‘Though SC has give women equal rights, in this case Sabarimala’s traditions, procedures must be followed’ He carefully used the correct Tamil word ‘ஐதீகம்’ in context of Sabarimala, which we cant expect Jihadis to understand,” said the twitter user.

Several people went on to advice Shabbir to step down from what he is doing and accused him of spreading fake news. “Shabbir. Its better you step down from what you are doing now. Watch what he said again and take back this tweet. Shame on you. I repeat SHAME ON YOU,” said a twitter user.

“When you start reporting fake news Shabbir. At least see his interview. Parak,” said another user.

This is not the first time when Shabbir has been in a controversy. Earlier this year, several police complaints were filed against the journalist for allergy hurting religious sentiments of Hindus.