How This Journalist Single Handedly Destroys The Hypocrisy of Left And Liberals Is Spectacular !!

The Indian left, much like its western counterpart has become inherently regressive. The glorification of archaic and patriarchal Islamic practices has become synonymous with progressiveness and secularism. People like Shehla Rashid are leading left-wing student movements in central universities. Karl Marx’s views on religion were crystal clear. Stalin was much more militant in his views, he closed the Mosques in the Soviet Union and tried to forcibly get rid of the Hijab.

The term regressive-left was coined by the Islamic reformer and one of the greatest speakers against the Islamist movement, Maajid Nawaz in his book, “Radical: My journey from Islamist Radicalism to a Democratic Awakening”.There are many characteristics of the regressive leftists but the most important one is, they don’t oppose, and sometimes support the bigoted beliefs of the minority community.

See how Manu Joseph, a journalist by profession, tears apart the fraud, and hypocrisy of the Left-“liberals”.