Judgement delivered in English: Giriraj Singh savagely trolls Pakistani Government over their delusional claims about ICJ verdict

Pakistan is a country that almost always seems to be in a denial mode. Whether it is India’s surgical strikes on terror launchpads across the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir, where scores of Pak sponsored terrorists were ruthlessly killed or India’s bombings well inside Pakistan’s border in Balakot, the country always denies everything.

It sometime appears like the country’s government as well as its notorious media, lives in a completely different universe than restored of us. Some were even jokingly saying that Pakistan would have even denied the embarrassing debacle of its cricket team in recently concluded ICC world Cup, had the tournament not been on live global television.

Nevertheless with yet another major global embarrassment in International Court of Justice (ICJ) over Kulbhushan Jadhav case, has come yet another denial from Pakistan. While ICJ rejected most of Pakistan’s arguments by a vote of 15-1, Pakistan’s delusional media and government are leaving no stone un-turned to make the its gullible citizens to believe that the verdict was in-fact in its favour.

In a tweet right after the verdict on Wednesday, the Pakistani government for some reasons best known to them, touted it as a “Big win for Pakistan.” On this delusional tweet from the Pakistan’s government, BJP leader from Bihar, Giriraj Singh decided to take a dig.

Suggesting that Pakistanis don’t have proper understanding of English language, Singh wrote, “Not your fault .. judgment delivered in English.”

The Pakistan foreign office has meanwhile said it will now proceed “as per law” in the Kulbhushan Jadhav case after the ICJ ruled that it must review the death sentence for the Indian national who was charged for “espionage and terrorism”.

The Foreign Office in a statement said Pakistan as a “responsible member” of the international community “upheld its commitment” from the very beginning of the case by appearing before the court for the provisional measures hearing despite a very short notice.