Kaala, the confused and confounded

Kaala and its message. 

Rajinikanth, sorry, the super star of south. His latest film – Kaala. For those who comprehend Hindi, this would mean “Black”. For the rest, the meaning would vary from Time, Space and so on!

The director is P. Ranjith. A well known director who will go to any ends of the world to make sure that any story is made casteist!

This particular film is targeted against the Central Government. The villain, Nana is projected as Modi with Saffron being spewed over the screen generously. Though it is blatantly visible that Ranjith antagonises Modi and BJP, these are Hindu sentiments that he loves playing with. 

Nana is seen with Lord Ram beside. Lord Ram is shown in most of the scenes. Nana himself says that “Kaala” is Ravan. 

The climax is the most irritating one with Tulsidas’s Ramayana being read and “Kaala” is trifled with. It is portrayed as if Lord Ram is fighting the “Righteous” Ravan and eventually, Lord Ram loses with the resurgence of “Kaala” or his spirit. 

This story attempts to catch the essence of Dharavi slums, but fails to perform. There are always a group of good-for-nothing boys with their caps and rapping each word of “Kaala”. This is a standard appearance in Ranjith’s movies.

Though we know the reason for Ranjith to take up such movies and alter them to his political stance, we still do not know how on earth Rajinikanth accepted a role in such a movie. The screenplay, editing, noise; sorry, voice over are very bad. It lacks story, the essential part of a movie. 

It is common for people of TN and Kerala to associate themselves with ashrams as the latter are portrayed as dark skin people. 

Especially, people of TN are seen associated with Ravana as they despise Lord Ram. 

In their opinion, Lord Ram is an “Aryan” and Ravan is a “Dravidian”. Little they know is that Ravan was born near present day UP to Maharishi Vishrava (a staunch Brahmin). Maharishi Vishrava was the son of Maharishi Pulatsya who was one among the Sapta Rishis, the children of Lord Brahmadeva. So, Ravana was a Brahmin by birth. He became an Asura by Guna when he attacked the Devas for no particular reason and Raped the Daughter-in-law of Rambha, the celestial damsel. 

His atrocities were those which could be written down. When he exhausted the wealth of Devaloka, he went to vanquish his own brother who was the Yaksharaja, Lord Kubera. He was the King of Lanka, Ravana arrested him and ruled over Lanka to enjoy the illegitimate wealth. 

Such was Ravana. The worst of Kings, The worst of Brahmins, the worse of leader etc.,

Over and above all this, he abducted Mata Sita to “avenge” his sister’s nose job and to satisfy his lust. But, there was a curse on Ravana’s head that if he ever approaches a woman against her will, he would die. So, he imprisoned her in Ashoka Vana and asked the Asura ladies to pimp. Mata Sita, being a chaste woman, did not even cast a look on Ravan. Even his own did not agree with the deed he did, but fought for him just because they were bound to do so. Those were, Akshayakumara aka Indarjith who died at the hands of Lord Hanuman, Kumbhakarna and Lankeshwara Vibheshana to whom Lord Ram granted asylum. 

It is actually surprising to see sensible people supporting a person characterized as Ravana. Their only argument would be that he did not touch Mata Sita. They are those who have just read a chapter or two of the Ramayana and not all. As Dr Subramanya Swamy says – “Semi Literates”! 

In fact, they should stand against Ravana, as he is a Brahmin and Lord Ram is not!

It is time that Cinema is made for the purpose of enjoying and not a part of one’s political propaganda. It is also surprising to see many Pro-Hindu groups which are silent on seeing this and not raising their voice. Hope some Hindu has the spine to do that!

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