Kairana becomes Kashmir 2.0, Threat to Life making Hindus Flee from Western UP

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Kairana is a historical city and a municipal board in Shamli district. Shamli was declared as a district in September 2011 and was named Prabuddh Nagar by Mayawati, who was CM of UP (Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh) at that time. In July 2012, Shamli got its original name back by Akhilesh Yadav, who became CM of UP in 2012. Prior to that, Kairana was a tehsil of Muzaffarnagar district. Both districts are located in Indian state of [Uttar Pradesh]. Mohd Ali from Arain(tribe) is one of the notable social worker/leader of kairana sub-district, And U.P. State President of Majlis Ahrar-E-Islam(INDIA), politically supporting Samajwadi Party.

In 2011, as per the census, the population of Hindus was 30% in Kairana. Hindus were already in minority but holding important positions in town like traders, running Movie Hall and other similar businesses. From years, Muslims in this region are doing ethnic cleansing of Hindus. Either they rape and kill Hindu families or they kidnap their son/daughters and demand huge amounts as compensation for release, according to reports. This has made life of Hindus very difficult in Kairana. Due to this, many Hindus have run away leaving their property, land and business so that they can at least save their life. According to reports, these businesses have been taken over by the other community.

In India, we always cry for Minority Rights provided the minority is Muslims or Christians but when Minority in this case is Hindu, the Media and Politicians turn blind eye as it do not suit their way of Secular Politics. It seems that in India, secularism is restricted to only two religions which are Muslims and Christians.

Here are the Videos from DNA, where Sudhir Chadhary exposes this dark truth of New Kashmir being formed in UP.

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