Kamal Haasan will have negligible impact on Tamil Nadu politics

Tamil Nadu is experiencing a dynamic change in politics after the death of former chief minister of Tamil Nadu, J Jayalithaa. With the arrival of many new forces infiltrating into the politics of state, Tamil Nadu is going to witness a multi-front battle like never before in the upcoming elections. The newest entry into the political arena is the veteran actor Kamal Haasan, who launched his own party, “Makkal Needhi Mayyam”.

Kamal Haasan is inclined towards left:

Kamal Haasan said that his party is neither left nor right but a centrist party. His statement looks like a play to portray himself as a centrist but when his recent activities and statements are analyzed; he looks like a left-oriented person. Kamal Haasan visited various political leaders in the past few months. He visited the Kerala Chief Minister belonging to Communist party of India (Marxist), Pinarayi Vijayan few months back. When he was asked about this meeting, he replied “look at the statistics of Kerala, you are pushing it to the standards of western countries. Mine is not blind admiration, it is sensible”.

Kerala’s statistics are good, only in the area of human development indexes like literacy rate, it should also be noted that the reason for this is not the communist party, which ruled Kerala for the most number of years. Kerala’s literacy was 47% in 1951 (when communists haven’t ruled Kerala even once), when the national average was only 18%. The real reason for this is the educational reforms undertook by the royal kingdom of Travancore. After independence, Kerala’s literacy rate was improved only at the similar pace of other states and the reason for them to reach 90 plus percentage earlier is only because of the historical reforms of Royal kingdom of Travancore not because of communists. This also holds true to other human development indexes also. It seems Kamal Haasan is not aware of the history of these statistics.

Kerala’s unemployment is one of the highest in the country. Kerala’s growth rate is lesser than other southern states and they survive purely because of Middle East remittances. When their vital economic statistics are not good, it’s surprising to see Kamal Haasan comparing Kerala with the western countries. This clearly shows us that he is supporting communists purely on his ideological basis and his centrist statement is just to fool people.

Kamal Haasan also said that Pinnarayi VIjayan is his political mentor and he also met the communist party leader, Nallakannu for political advice. He has met various leaders from the left ideological parties but none from the right and this itself displays that he is a left oriented person. He wrote an article few months back that terror had spread to Hindu camps but he didn’t utter a word about the brutal killings of Hindu RSS members in Kerala. This proves that he is not neutral but more inclined towards the left parties.

Kamal Haasan is very close to left leaders from the time of his film Anbesivam, where he had glorified the communist ideology. The film Anbesivam itself speaks a lot about his ideology. It is a film which was seen by many as a secular film but it was not so. Hindu symbols and hymns are attached in the film when negative incidents take place. In the film, Nasser is an orthodox Hindu and capitalist, Hindu hymns are played in the background, when he violated labor laws. When Nalla Sivam(Kamal Haasan’s character in the film) met with an accident, he was rescued by the Christian missionaries. This shows the bias of Kamal Haasan towards Christianity. In Marxism, Hinduism is seen as an inferior religion and Christianity is seen as superior and that is what was presented by Kamal Haasan in the film. This religious bias portrayed by Kamal Haasan in the film is the product of ideas of Marx. All these instances clearly affirm that Kamal Haasan is left oriented not a centrist as he said. This is also seen in his party symbol, which has the color red, the color of communism.

His inclination towards Dravidian and divisive politics:

Kamal Haasan has promoted Dravidian ideology in various instances. The six hands in his party symbol represent the six southern states. He prefers regionalism over nationalism which is not healthy for the state, as it may add fuel to the activities of breaking India forces.

Kamal Haasan should confirm what does he mean about the word “Dravida”. If he sees it as a race, does he know that various studies have disproved that there is no separate race for Dravidian people. Black color in Kamal Haasan’s party symbol also represents the Dravidianism.

It looks like one of the main narrative under which Kamal Haasan is going to do politics is that he is going to portray southern states as not well treated by central government and this divisive politics should be strongly countered. Does he have any proofs for his statements that southern states are ill-treated by central government or is it just a false propaganda for his political benefits? Even if he comes up with some proofs, how far they are true and reliable?

Addition to the anti-Modi front:

Kamal Haasan has an added feather to the Anti-Modi front in India. He is very close with Pinnarayi Vijayan and Arvind Kejriwal, who strongly oppose Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. He talks about corruption but aligns with Kejriwal, whose party MLAs are disqualified for holding office of profit. This alignment of Kamal Haasan with Kejriwal shows his double standards.

In Tamil Nadu, Kamal Haasan will add more fuel to the Anti-Modi views that are already prevalent in the state. All the Anti-Modi narratives in Tamil Nadu don’t have solid base, they are just created by fringe groups for divisive politics. Naam Tamilar Party head Seeman, who is known for separatist activities and anti-national views supported Kamal Haasan, when they both met few days back but Seeman strongly opposed Rajinikanth’s political entry. This is an example, which confirms that entry of Kamal Haasan will boost the anti-national front in Tamil Nadu. None of the political leaders met by Kamal Haasan are Pro-Modi government and this gives us a clue on where he is heading to.

Kamal Haasan has support only with the youngsters using Social Media, who are easily deceived by lies. It is very difficult for him to attract youths who are not in Social media as he doesn’t have proper ground base. It looks like he stepped into politics without knowing its depth and this will be reflected in the elections. He may not gain support from the elderly voters and the vote share that he will gain from the support in social media is very negligible. The impact he is going to create in Tamil Nadu politics is very negligible and it will be evident in the elections.