Kamal Haasan’s ex-partner Gautami lashes at him

Actress Gautami, ex-partner of actor turned politician Kamal Haasan, lashed at him for not paying her salary for the films she worked as a costume designer. Gautami was the costume designer of most of the films produced under the production banner of Kamal Haasan, Raaj Kamal Films international. She was the partner of Kamal Haasan from 2005-2016, the couple parted ways after that. When Kamal Haasan announced his political entry, there were reports emerged that both are still managing some ventures together professionally. She came up with a blog post clarifying that she has no contact with Kamal Haasan since they parted ways and in the same post she lashed at him for not paying salary for her work. She writes:

“I am deeply distressed by recent news items that seem to imply that I continue to be associated with Mr. Kamal Haasan in either a personal or professional connection. I categorically state that this is completely false and I have had no contact with Mr. Haasan since we formally parted ways in October of 2016. The period since my walking out has been consumed by my efforts to rebuild a stable and secure environment for my daughter and myself. An environment where we could breathe free of the stress and tension of a greatly traumatic situation.

My single greatest focus during this period has been to establish a stable income to ensure my child’s financial stability. During the nearly thirteen years of our life together, the work that I did as Costume Designer, was only for films produced by Raajkamal Films International, (RKFI), and for films that Mr. Haasan made for other producers. And this was my primary source of income as my working both in front of and behind the camera in other’s projects was actively discouraged. In addition to this, it grieves me greatly to have to say that as of October, 2016, I had salary dues pending right from earlier films like Dasavataram, Vishwaroopam, etc.

As these pending salary dues were the only financial resource at the time for rebuilding my life, I had made repeated efforts to recover the payments from Mr. Haasan and RKFI. I am deeply anguished to say that inspite of repeated entreaties and requests, there is still a significant amount from my due salary pending payment.”

The concern of Gautami looks genuine. She should raise and secure her daughter born to her ex-husband and the girl is no way related to Kamal Haasan. She should earn to secure her daughter’s life, especially when she has not been paid properly as alleged. She says that her payment is pending from the film Dasavataram, which released 10 years before. Many are questioning why Kamal Haasan should pay her as she was his live-in-partner at that time. This is question is not logical as it is expected for her to earn earn to secure her daughter life which could not be expected from Kamal Haasan. She also says that she was not even allowed to work in other production banners, which shut down her chances to earn more. She describes her life with Kamal Haasan as a traumatic experience forcing her to come out of that life.

People may state that mixing personal and political life of a person is not right and there is nothing wrong in this statement but this issue is entirely different. The professional ethics of Kamal Haasan is seriously under scrutiny. When a boss is arrogant in paying his employees properly, it shows how bad his professional ethics are. When Kamal Haasan doesn’t even seem to pay his employee for her work, how can he be the right person to rule the state? He talks about morality and ethics in various places, films and reality shows but this attitude of him towards Gautami reveals a different face of him. These statements from Gautami came at the same time of Kamal Haasan’s political entry and have certainly questioned Kamal Haasan’s ethics.