Kamal Hassan’s comrade insults Former President APJ Abdul Kalam

Kamal Hassan flagged off his political journey at the former president APJ Abdul Kalam’s residence in Tamil Nadu. In fact, Kamal Haasan met late APJ Abdul Kalam‘s brother, Mohammed Muthumeera Lebbai Maraikkayar to receive his blessings before launching the party. The former president’s image was used to the fullest by this leading actor when he called President Kalam his “role model”

Things seemed to be going all according to plans, until one video of his key aide resurfaced. Enter comrade Bharathi Krishnakumar, a former CPI (M) member, instrumental in setting up Kamal Hassan’s Makkal Needhi Maiyam. Also this former CPI (M) member Bharathi Krishnakumar features in the key list of the Makkal Needhi Miayyam party office bearers. He had insulted the former President in a book function in 2017.

A rough translation of Bharathi Krishnakumar’s comments on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is given below:-

“People keep saying Dr Abdul Kalam lived a simple lifestyle. If he lived such a simple life, then how are we living? Are we all wearing a golden underwear? Our entire nation is know for its people living a life of simplicity. It is absurd to say that Kalam lived a simple life and he did not misuse government powers.

Kalam had sold his books in the post office. As a book writer, we all know it’s a crime. How can the President of India sell his book in the post office and earn money from it? Has he ever opened his mouth on 2000 Gujarat issue? Everyone call Abdul Kalam a scientist. But when asked about what he invented, no one answers it. The title of ‘scientist’ is given to Kalam by himself, not others.”

Indian Twitterati have raised several concerns over this disturbing video which is circulating fast in social media.

The filmmaker Bharathi Krishnakumar is said to be a key decision maker in the Kamal Hassan’s party. The question everyone seem to be asking is, does Kamal Hassan endorse the same view? Or is Kamal Hassan using APJ Abdul Kalam’s image as a launchpad to his political career? Will Kamal Hassan sack him and distance himself from a person who has such words for possibly the best President of India?

The nation wants to know what Kamal Hassan thinks about this!