Kamal Nath government omits chapter on Kargil War from syllabus

The nation is set to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Kargil War victory 26th July, but amid the preparations, Madhya Pradesh Government has decided to scrap dedicated chapter about the conflict from college textbooks.

Ever since power of Madhya Pradesh passed on from BJP to Congress last year, several changes into the textbooks were made and this one is the latest. Till last year, there used to be a dedicated chapter about the Kargil War in textbook of Madhya Pradesh’s MVM college. But now, the syllabus review committee of the college has decided to scrap it.

Instead the history of the Kargil War has now been clubbed with other smaller conflicts in a chapter about proxy wars. The committee has cited the growing length of the syllabus as a reason for the omission.

The opposition BJP has protested the development saying that the change has been done at the behest of the Congress government. The BJP has said that the move is part of the Congress agenda to erase anyone other than the Gandhi family from the nation’s history.