Kamal Nath reinstates security at RSS office after criticism from various corners including Digvijay Singh

Kamal Nath led Congress government in Madhya Pradesh has reinstated security at RSS headquarters in Bhopal, 24 hours after suddenly removing it. The sudden removal of security led to widespread criticism of the government and even insiders like Digvijay Singh spoke up against it.

Criticising the move, Digvijay Singh posted on social media, “Removing security from the RSS office isn’t proper. I request Chief Minister Kamal Nath to order restoration of adequate security at the RSS office in Bhopal.”

BJP’s state media convener Lokendra Parashar howeber responded to Singh’s post by stating, “why are you worried after yourself getting the security removed. All nationalist forces know what you think about them. You’re that individual who linked Hindu with terror. Don’t be a hypocrite due to fear of elections…”

Miffed over Madhya Pradesh Government’s decision of withdrawing security from RSS headquarters, the Sangh Parivar had on Tuesday said that they were not informed in advance.

Speaking to ANI, RSS leader Kanti Lal said: “This incident happened late at night, I was inside the office at around 10 pm, engaged in meetings. When I came out of the office I saw that the security had been removed from and around the office. I was then approached by a reporter from the television who asked me why the security was removed. I told him that I had no idea why the security was removed from the office. We were not informed in advance about security being removed”.

Expressing dismay, he went on to add: “We had never asked for security at the RSS office before, but now that they have removed it we are unable to find any reason for this sudden decision. This overnight decision by the government to remove security at 10 pm has bewildered us.”