Kanakdurga allowed entry inside her In-laws house after local court verdict

Kanakdurga, one of the two women who had trespassed inside the Sabarimala shrine on 2nd January midnight, violating centuries old tradition of the temple, has now been granted entry in the house of her In-laws by a local court.

Ever since she desecrated the traditions of the Sabarimala shrine, which bars entry of women between age of 10-50, Kanakdurga’s in-laws including her husband and even her children have disowned her. Kanakdurga’s in-law family, who belong to a conservative Nair background, denied her entry inside their home, a resolution from which they did not deter despite constant pressure from various corners including local leaders of the ruling CPIM.

Though Kanakdurga could enter the house after court, she didn’t get a sight of her children who are reluctant to meet or stay with her. “I got the court order and I could enter my house. I’m happy. I could not see my children today, but I hope I can see them next time. I don’t have any difficulty to stay with them, they are not ready to stay with me. Everything will be solved,” she said.

The court order observes that the petitioner is a victim of domestic violence and she has the right to live along with her children by sharing household with her husband.

Meanwhile Sree Prakash, advocate of her husband Krishnanunni said that they will file an appeal petition in district court against the order of Grama Nyayalaya. “The clash with her mother-in-law cannot be considered as domestic violence. So the case will not come under the purview of section 19 of domestic violence act”, he said.

Recently when Kanakdurga accompanied with some leaders of the CPIM, tried to force inside the house, a clash between her and her mother-in-law broke out. Both the parties later claimed of being assaulted by the other.