Did Kanhaiya Kumar use slangs on National television?

A famous Twitter handle called ‘The Skin Doctor’ raised serious allegations against student activist Kanhaiya Kumar of using vulgar language during a well-known conclave program. As per the allegations which were made on Twitter, Kanhaiya Kumar used a vulgar slang of Hindi language while speaking at India Today conclave 18.

Kanhaiya Kumar was part of a panel discussion about the future of Identity politics in India, along with another former President of JNU student’s Union Shehla Rashid, writer Shubhrastha, BJP youth leader Rohit Chahal and Patidar movement leader Hardik Patel.


While giving his opinion about the subject, a term slipped out of Kumar’s tounge that according to some sounded like Hindi slang word “Bhen****.” The twitter handle further alleged that when the former President of JNU student’s Union uttered the vulgar word, neither host Rahul Kanwal nor any other panelists or guest raised any objection.

Writer Shubhrastha who was a part of the particular discussion at India today conclave, shared the tweet of ‘The Skin Doctor’ and said, “Did feminist Bibi @Shehla_Rashid say something on this sexist student-for-life ‘s spontaneous utterance. She has been hyperventilating on verbal hiccups since yesterday! Going by his verbal respect for women here, no wonder he abused fellow woman on being fined 4open defecation.”

Meanwhile another section of people on Twitter has come in defence of Kumar saying that he actually said “wahan jo” but because of his rural bihari accent it sounded like the Hindi slang to some.

Whether Kanhaiya Kumar really used the slang word or not is something only he knows better, but another fellow panelist in the same discussion, Hardik Patel indeed used some distasteful language. When asked about the lavish wedding of his sister in which crores of rupees were allegedly spent, Patel answered saying, “Jo ukharna Hai ukhar lo” (pluck what you want to).