Kannada Actress exposes #MeToo Movement, calls it Me Too Publicity

At a time when the #MeToo movement is spreading like wildfire, with almost every second man in Indian film industry getting accused of sexual harassment, Kannada actress Harshika Poonacha seems to have taken a different route.

The actress took to twitter and slammed the movement as a publicity stunt. “Being a strong woman myself and seeing the film industry from close quarters I totally agree that nobody should disrespect women, objectify them or force them to do anything against their will but I am disgusted to see how some actresses are using their feminity as a tool for pure publicity,” she wrote on Twitter.

“I have been in this industry for nearly 10 years and I have seen everything personally from my own eyes… Most of these so called activist actresses do everything when they badly need what they want in the initial stages of their career by giving all the freedom to these men who they now accuse for their own selfish needs of publicity, they start targeting the same men who ,they were smiling and waking hands in hands with” she further said.

“One famous producer who is close to me and a well wisher was showing me a video of a few these so called me too actresses happily smoking ganja lying down on a famous person’s shoulder and talking about how they can spoil the name of a few people,” she Harshika added.

However, Harshika was confronted on Twitter by singer Shweta Pandit who herself has accused music director Anu Malik of sexual harassment as part of the #MeToo movement. “You are a strong girl from your post. Good for you! The millennials have the courage to speak today & thats also thanks to the women who couldnt before you. If i was your age,id say the same because todays girls are way blunt n upfront. We were asked to shut up even at 25,” Pandit said while replying to Harshika Poonacha’s tweet.