Kannur DYFI leader demands justice for minor rape victim, later gets arrested in the same case

Nikhil Mohanann, Democratic Youth Federation of India (DYFI) leader from Kerala’s Kannur has been arrested over a rape case. Incidentally, before being arrested, he had participated in a protest march, demanding justice in the same case.

According to reports, the entire matter came to light when a minor girl, studying in 10th, came forward to complain about her father and other several other men of sexually abusing her. She alleged that her father has been exploiting her for over last two years. However she was too young and naive to understand what exactly was happening with her.

Apart from father, the girl also accused number of other men of raping her. She came up to police after the most recent incident in which a man lured her using a fake account on Facebook. The man captured several intimate pictures of her and then used them to rape her at a lodge with his friends for several days. These people also blackmailed the girl and her brother to pay them money.

At last, the girls’ brother encouraged her to report the entire matter to police. He apparently was unaware of the abuse his sister was subject to, for years.

A total of 19 people have been named in the police case, 11 of whom have already been arrested, including the DYFI leader.

This is the second case of in Kannur involving a DYFI member. BJP district president P Sathyaprakash expressed doubt over whether a proper investigation would be conducted since a prime accused was a DYFI leader but warned of an agitation if proper action wasn’t taken.