Kanwar yatris assaulted by Arif and Riyaz in Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh for chanting “Bol Bum” slogans

Communal tensions flared up in Uttar Pradesh’s Jaunpur after two Kanwar yatris allegedly got attacked by some youth belonging to the Muslim community. Following the attack, other Kanwar yatris proceeded to block Mariahu-Jaunpur road, where they protested the assault.

As per reports, the incident took place on Monday at 12:30am, while the Kanwar yatris were walking up to a Lord Shiva temple to offer the holy water. As per the norm, the Kanwar yatris were shouting religious slogans to keep themselves cheered up during the long journey.

During this, some local Muslim youths objected to the chants of “Bol Bum,” and asked the Kanwar yatris to remain quite. But some Kanwar yatris refused to obey the instructions of the local youth and continued the chants.

Angered at this, the Muslim youth allegedly started beating up some Kanwar yatris. Two of them had to be rushed to a hospital, one of whom is seriously injured.

Taking action into the incident, the police has booked two namely Arif and Riyaz under various sections including for Dalit oppression. One of the accused has also been arrested. The Kanwariyas have been assured that the case would be investigated and strict action would be taken against the accused.