Kapil Sibal defends Ambani inside Court, but attacks him outside: Gets trolled on twitter

It’s tough to be an lawyer, it’s to be a politician. Now imagine being a lawyer who has to defend his client in the court, and then attack the very same man as a politician outside. Well, that’s the story of congressman Kapil Sibal.

This morning, Kapil Sibal appeared in the Supreme Court to represent in a contempt of court case filed against the capitalist by Ericsson India. Ericsson India is contending that Anil Ambani’s Reliance Communication (RCom), which recently filed for bankruptcy, violated Supreme Court orders by not clearing its dues.

But before the business of Supreme Court began, Sibal the politician had to attack his own client over the alleged Rafale scam. “It seems Airbus, French Government, Anil Ambani all knew that the PM will sign an MOU on his visit to France between 9th and 11th April, 2015,” Sibal said in a tweet.

Along with the tweet was a letter purportedly written by an executive of the European aerospace company Airbus. The email is being used by Congress as proof that Anil Ambani knew that India was going to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to buy Rafale jets before the MoU was formally acknowledged or announcement. (Read more about the new Rafale email controversy here.)

Meanwhile, the Congress leader had to witness intense trolling from the twitterati due to his dual roles.

One Twitter user helpfully pointed out that perhaps Kapil Sibal could keep the political separate from the professional.