Karachi Bakery outlet in Bengaluru forced to cover its name after protests by an angry mob

An outlet of nation wide snacks chain Karachi bakery in Bengaluru, recently faced flak from an angry mob because of bearing the name of the Pakistani city. Around 8pm on Friday evening, a group of 20-25 people assembled outside of the Bakery and started shouting slogans, insisting to change the outlet’s name.

As the matter escalated, the staff of the outlet, covered the term ‘Karachi’ from its name and also put up a national flag on top of the building. According to reports, the mob was angry with bakery bearing name of a Pakistani city, especially after the Pulwama attacks in which around 44 jawans of CRPF lost lives.

There were no violence as the staff of the establishment accepted the demands of the mob, before the matter could further escalate into a bigger dispute. Speaking to The NewsMinute, the manager of the establishment, said, “The mob stayed for about half an hour. They demanded us to change the name. The men claimed to know people in the army. They thought we are from Pakistan. But we have been using this name for the last 53 years. The owners are Hindus; only the name is Karachi bakery. To satisfy them, we put up the Indian flag.”

Soon-after the Pulwama attacks, there have been multiple reports from across the country, where angry mobs took laws in their hands. In some places, it was alleged that Kashmiri speaking people were heckled or assaulted. However, most of those reports later turned out to be either entirely false or grossly exaggerated.

Karachi Bakery snacks chain was founded by Khanchand Ramnani, who migrated to India from erstwhile undivided India’s Karachi city during the partition in 1947. The bakery’s first outlet was opened in Hyderabad and has grown into a nationwide franchise. The bakery is popular for its fruit biscuits.