VIDEO: 71 Year Old Congress Minister Caught In Sex Scandal; CD Released

VIDEO: Karnataka Congress Minister Resigns Over Sex Scandal; CD Released

Massive embarrassment for congress after their 70+ year old minister was caught in a compromising position. Excise minister HY Meti was forced to quit due to an alleged sex scandal.

Meti, who had consistently denied existence of any CD of his alleged sex tape with a woman who approached him with a request for a favor, Meti submitted his resignation to CM Siddaramaiah on Wednesday. The resignation came immediately after local TV channels started airing the footage of the alleged sex CD.

The issue came to the logical conclusion only after Bellari based RTI activist, who is said to have played key role in exposing the alleged scandal, left for Delhi to meet AICC vice president Rahul Gandhi to expose Meti and seek action against him.

Meti was compelled to quit as chief minister Siddaramaiah is trying to salvage the image of his government. The ministers in Siddaramaiah is said to be involved in many corruption cases involving the demonetization. Recently another minister in Karnataka was caught seeing half nude photos of women during a government organized Tippu Jayanthi. Siddaramaiah is already facing massive miss governance charges and this incident has only made congress chances of winning the next election more difficult.