Karnataka Minister HD Revanna clarifies why he travels 350 km daily to office

Karnataka Minister HD Revanna hoarded the spotlight as of late when it went to the fore that he travels 350 km day by day for work. Reports had recommended that the senior sibling of Karnataka Minister HD Kumaraswamy needed a Vaastu-agreeable home. Its non-accessibility influences him to venture out from Holenarasipura to Bengaluru consistently by his car.

  • Revanna travels 350 Km daily for work by his car.
  • I am not afraid of ‘Vastu’, He said.
  • I was born under the favorable stars ‘Swati Nakshatra’.
  • Karnataka government had not allocated me a house.

Revanna on thursday rubbished the report stating that his tiring drive had no association with either Vaastu or astrology. His thinking for why he needn’t bother with a Vaastu-consistent home is very fascinating. He says since he was born under the favorable stars called Swati Nakshatra, Vaastu does not influence him.

Revanna includes that even dark enchantment or spells don’t chip away at individuals conceived under the specific star. “It boomerangs on individuals attempting dark enchantment on those conceived under this Nakshatra,”  He said.

The Minister at that point uncovered why he attempts such a dull adventure each day. If the Karnataka government had allocated me a house, I would have unquestionably remained in Bengaluru, said the Janata Dal (Mainstream) pioneer.

He included that the state government has not distributed him quarters even in the Administrators’ Home. The lodge allocated to Revanna is as yet held by previous PWD serve HC Mahadevappa.

Strikingly, 61-year-old Revanna revealed that such a long voyage each day monitors his sugar levels and furthermore diminishes body torment. Regardless of voyaging this much, Revanna leaves his bed at 5 am and prepares for the workplace. Before leaving for Bengaluru, he implores at five Temples, addresses grievances of individuals who visits him, and withdraws for Bengaluru at 8 am.