Karnataka: Police arrests those chanting “Modi-Modi” slogans during Rahul Gandhi program

Karnataka police on Monday arrested those in Bengaluru’s Manyata Tech Park who were chanting slogans of “Modi-Modi” during a program of Congress President Rahul Gandhi.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi arrived at the Manyata Tech Park on Monday to interact with techies and young entrepreneurs. However as soon as the Congress President made his entry, a section of the crowd starting chanting the name of his arch-nemesis and Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. This, naturally was a huge embarrassments for the Congress party and its President, who for long is trying to create niche for himself among the youth of the country.

Infuriated with the Modi chants, some Congress supporters turned violent and went to to physically attack those raising the slogans. Ironically, this is the same Congress party which speaks of tolerance and claims of inheriting Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy of Ahimsa (non violence).

What was even more surprising during the entire course of events, was the role of the Police, who instead of defending those being attacked, not only stood still but later sided with the attackers. The police lathi-charged on the supporters of “Modi” and took them under custody.

In a Democratic country, people often showcase their dissent with political leaders by showing black flags or chanting slogans. One may wonder what the reaction of the Congress would have been had something similar to this happened in any BJP ruled state.

Rahul Gandhi was on a visit to Karnataka on Monday. Before arriving at Manyata Tech Park, he had addressed a rally in Kalaburagi. With 28 Loksabha seats, Karnataka is expected to play a crucial role in upcoming general elections.